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This is the online Journal of author, artist and tarot creator Lisa Hunt. The Ghosts & Spirits Tarot is her current focus and reflects her own intuitive connection with the spirit world. Through her provocative art, Lisa examines ghosts and spirits in their many incarnations. This blog offers a glimpse into the world and psyche of an artist searching for that which is just beyond the veil of understanding, and into an ethereal realm of mystery. Lisa's The Fairy Tale Tarot is available now and is the most recent of her published decks.
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January 2018
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Mockingbird-Shapeshifter, Women in Fantasy Illustration and other news.

Posted By on April 2, 2014

“Mockingbird teaches a valuable lesson about mimicry. What we mimic in our lives will be reflected back to us in our experiences, which allows us to see what we truly are or what we are striving to become.” ~ The Healing Wisdom of Birds by Lesley Morrison

The finished Mockingbird-Shapeshifter before applying paint.

The finished drawing before applying paint. 

My watercolor paint palette and initial washes

My watercolor paint palette and initial washes.

Painting Mockingbird was a soothing endeavor. March was a bifurcated month, starting with my fling with the flu and ending with unexpected life stuff challenges. But through it all I was dreaming about mockingbird.

Painting upright and upside down.

Painting upright and upside down while applying washes.

Eric Lindahl, a photographer and facebook friend saw my posted painting and asked me:

“I am curious about the palette you chose for this, it’s more… focused? You chose a narrow, warm section of colors, not as wide of range as you often use. What was the effect you were going for, besides a warm glow?”

I had to think on it because I acted on creative impulse rather than mental pretense. I wanted to capture a sense of the golden hour, a time when birds congregate and sing daylight’s last song. I wanted to evoke silent power, self reflection and the complexity of our thoughts, like a marvelous mockingbird repertoire. It was also my grandmother’s favorite bird, so on a personal level I feel comfort and warmth in her memory.

Working on details.

Working on details.


Finished painting

Finished painting



In other studio news


Women in Fantasy Illustration is a weekly interview conducted by tarot artist and illustrator Kiri Østergaard Leonard . This was a fun experience filled with questions I’ve never been asked before. Please check it out and follow her blog for more wonderful stories about the many talented women working in the fantasy illustration field today.

Click here to read Interview

Fairy-Tale-CornersIn other Hunt-Kramerville news.





Bird nesting in shutter.

Bird nesting in shutter.

Birds are abundant in Florida this time of year. Many are resourceful itinerants or “snowbirds” who winter in the tropics. Every year Mama Mourning Dove makes her nest on top of our hurricane shutter  greeting me with her pensive black eyes! During the spring season, the studio window is open, filling the room with birdsong, fresh air and inspiration! I’m relishing this time before the hibernating months of a hot Florida Summer arrives.

~ Lisa

The finished Ostrich-Shapeshifter: From challenge to triumph.

Posted By on February 20, 2014


The finished Ostrich-Shapeshifter

Ostrich was one of the birds I relegated to the end of the list. I was intimidated by the prospect of drawing such a gargantuan avian creature—the largest bird in the Winged Enchantment series. Eventually I began doodling around in my sketchbook with the idea that I wanted this piece to properly reflect a “grounding of spirit to earth” (reference: Lesley Morrison). I didn’t want to stick its head in the sand. I wanted to render those large, beautiful, intelligent eyes. I wanted the Ostrich-Shapeshifter to be fully aware of that space between conscious awareness and the ethereal pastures of the spirit. I didn’t want it to hide.  So I sketched…

rough sketches from sketchbook

rough sketches from sketchbook–this kind of sketching helps to unleash the creative energy

and sketched…

More sketches

More sketches

and sketched…until I felt I captured what my creative bones were seeking. It was something luminous, energetic, poised, and confident. It’s my hope that this shapeshifter will inspire you to release your own beautiful energy into the universal firmament without losing your footing, your strong sense of self and your place on this earthly plane.

Finished Ostrich-Shapeshifter pencil drawing

Finished Ostrich-Shapeshifter pencil drawing

I feel a good painting is one that resists formulaic application. Instead, I like to mix sound technique with a sense of adventure. I never know exactly how the paint will flow. I allow intuition to be my guide. Thankfully, despite initial trepidation when approaching Ostrich-Shapeshifter (I really thought this was going to turn out awful at first), creative inspiration finally came to me with the spirit of the Ostrich assisting me through the process. The more I worked on it, the more it shined forth.

painting in progress from initial paint washes to detailed drybrushing

painting in progress from initial paint washes to detailed dry brushing

 Fairy-Tale-Corners  In other Hunt-Kramerville news:

It didn’t take long for our newly adopted kitty “Noony” (aka Izzy) to acclimate to her new home. She is a fixture in the studio and has made friends with everyone in the house (including bird and hamster). Not only is she a constant companion, but she is a sweet feline who exhibits many dog-like traits, including licking faces, following us everywhere we go, lying on her back, and even barking. Yes, her *meows* are often cute little yaps. It’s one of those things — we can’t imagine life without her now.

Life with "Noony". She seems to feed on all the creative energy in our household.

Life with “Noony”.  She’s pure sunshine and is best friends with “Newbirdy”

~ Lisa

Birthday blog day! The last three drawings of a three year project.

Posted By on January 13, 2014

Close-up Finch-Shapeshifter

Close-up Finch-Shapeshifter

Today I turn age 47. What was I doing 20 years ago? I was working on my very first deck project, the Shapeshifter Tarot. Since then I’ve navigated through many creative oceans and have squeezed through many tubes of paint. I’m not as idealistic, but I’m wiser. I’m not as indefatigable, but I’m more fluent and efficient. I’m no longer as youthfully vibrant, but I’m comfortable with my lived-in skin.  I’m in a good space with fully grown wings and concentration lines that mark the hours spent hovering over art, striving to paint with acuity. I’ve lived through beautiful and sad journeys filled with the unexpected. I’ve developed a thick skin under my delicate feathers, but I’ve never lost the essence of heart and soul and all the vulnerability and inspiration that goes along with flying through unknown skies. For those of you who wished me a Happy Birthday today, thank you!

Final Drawings Left: Ostrich-Shapeshifter  Right: Rooster-Shapeshifter

Final Drawings
Left: Ostrich-Shapeshifter Right: Rooster-Shapeshifter

Finch-Shapeshifter: sketch and final drawing

Finch-Shapeshifter: sketch and final drawing

In other Hunt-Kramerville news:

I’d like to share 3 of my favorite holiday cards received this year. The girl with the cats was created by the talented Tara Larsen Chang, the dove card in the middle top was hand-crafted by my friend of almost 30 years, Cindy Coombe, and the bottom right card was sent to me by author Lesley Morrison (co-creator of Winged Enchantment Oracle). She added a feather or two which enhanced the card’s gorgeosity. Thank you friends!



Pathways and more pathways. In another life, I would have been a landscape designer!

I love gardening and I got the bug to create pathways after visiting a local Japanese garden.

I love gardening and am always finding new ways to be a more interesting, creative gardener. I got the bug to create pathways after visiting a local Japanese garden.


In the middle of creating an area for pavers.

In the middle of hard labors pulling stubborn Florida grass to make room for pavers. Talk about a crossfit workout!


I’ve been told I’m very flexible. Blame it on yoga gardening!

 ~ Lisa




Almost there.

Posted By on December 2, 2013

Over 3 years and about 2,000 cups of coffee later, here we are down to the wire.
Bird on a wire that is. Why has the Winged Enchantment Oracle taken so long?

These are not small “tarot” card paintings. This effort has been big, bold and beautiful, with impressive size dimensions. Each painting is a stand alone fine arts story. As a collection, the paintings come together stylistically as an homage to the magical world of birds as seen and felt through human interpretation. It wasn’t just about painting birds it was about establishing a soulful connection with these marvelous multi-dimentional creatures. Birds hold a substantial place in our psyches. They are far more than fixtures in mythos, they are part of who we are.

Working on several images at once at varying stages of progress.

Working on several images at once at varying stages of progress.

For the past few months, I’ve made a concerted effort to spread the work out over many watercolor boards. This is to help avoid stagnation, burn-out and any other end-of-journey peril that may infilitrate the creative flow. This seemingly expedient effort is not necessarily the voice of economics, it is a way to hum things along and keep everything fresh and alive. The last paintings in a collection should never be anything but at least as good as your first ones!

The finished Wren-Shapeshifter pencil drawing.

The finished Wren-Shapeshifter pencil drawing.

Watercolor painting in progress.

Watercolor painting-in- progress.

Finished watercolor paintings

Finished watercolor paintings: Starling-Shapehshifter and Wren-Shapeshifter

In Other Studio News:

Lisa Hunt Art goodies

Lisa Hunt Art goodies 


New Holiday Specials are up and include the return of the popular “Soul Drawing” Commissions at its original low price of only $28.00.  These special drawings let you, the customer, choose key words/descriptions that help the image come alive. I love creating them and involving the recipients in the process. I’m also offering special packages, signed tarot decks, kits, signed prints and artwork at reasonable prices. As always, all of my orders are packaged with love and care and can be personalized per your specifications. Thank you for keeping the studio light on! This year marks the 5th year since the launch of the Lisa Hunt Art store and I couldn’t be more grateful.Icon256-1

Also, I’m so pleased to announce that The Fool’s Dog has just made Ghosts & Spirits Tarot available for Android devices, please visit the following link for more details:


Many friends and fans have boasted about how gorgeous The Fool’s Dog apps are. I’m proud to be part of an amazing roster of talented professionals!

 In other Hunt-Kramerville news:

A day of fun kayaking in the ocean and stopping at the tiki bar on the beach.

A day of fun kayaking in the ocean and stopping at the tiki bar on the beach.

Kort and I marked our 10th Anniversary recently! To celebrate, we both took a rare day off and spent it together at the beach.

On the home front:

Kyra's kitty Izzy playing with my toes while I'm working at my art table.

Kyra’s kitty Izzy playing with my toes while I’m working at my art table.



Art is part of all our lives!  Left: Connor with Jon Hunt at an art charity auction and Kyra with her art entry for the PTA Refections contest.

Art is part of all our lives!
Left: Connor with Jon Hunt at an art charity auction and Kyra with her art entry for the annual PTA Refections contest. This year’s theme was “Believe, Dream, Inspire”. Indeed!


~ Lisa


Finished Kingfisher-Shapeshifter, works-in-progress, and colorful inspiration

Posted By on October 11, 2013

The finished Kingfisher-Shapeshifter watercolor painting.

The finished Kingfisher-Shapeshifter watercolor painting.

Here’s the finished Kingfisher-Shapeshifter watercolor painting. I actually started painting this piece while I was sick—and kind of dragged my feet in the process. But I found comfort in the soothing waters I was rendering with paintbrush. The act of painting served as a form of healing visualization. It helped bring my body and mind into balance, just like the elements of this piece. Art has been a reliant therapy on so many levels for me. It helps keep my engines tuned-up.

Kingfisher-Shapeshifter painting-in-progress.

Kingfisher-Shapeshifter painting-in-progress. I tried to keep the whites of the paper free of paint to emphasize the bird’s plunge into the water.


I like to work with natural light when possible. I also like to work with a mug of coffee by my side.

I like to work with natural light when possible. I also like to work with a mug of coffee by my side. 

After a few sluggish days while contending with burning throat and lungs, one morning I felt better and went full-steam ahead with the remainder of the painting. My forced respite resulted in an exuberant use of color and a renewed appreciation for that morning cup of coffee that I could finally smell and taste again.


Meanwhile, there are more  works on the watercolor boards as I approach the last 10 bird-shapeshifters on my list. I was hoping to complete this project by now, but these paintings are big compared to previous card deck efforts and therefore command meticulous attention to detail. I believe these are some of the best pieces I have ever done in my life, but at the same time, it has made for a protracted 3 years since signing the contract with US Games. Hopefully I can get them completed for inclusion in 2014 INATS (International  New Age Trade Show), but the jury is still out. I don’t want to rush to the finish line. These paintings are too important to me to let them fly out of the studio prematurely.

More works in progress: Starling-Shapeshifter and Eagle-Shapeshifter. Each at different stages.

More works-in-progress: Starling-Shapeshifter and Eagle-Shapeshifter. Each at different stages.


In other Studio News: I got prezzies!

Look at the bountiful table of presents I recently received from old friends!

Look at the bountiful table of presents I recently received from old friends!

A shout out to old friends and fellow creatives. I love seeing my friends succeed! It’s just a great feeling to share the joy with people we care about, especially when they realize their dreams by turning their passions into something tangible!

Gift from Sharon Wood, Storyteller extraordinaire

The second package was sent by an old friend and colleague from my library employment days up in Claremont, New Hampshire. Twenty five years have passed since I mentored under Sharon, who was a children’s book librarian, (at least I saw her as a mentor). Sharon knew her books and navigated storytime with confident precision. She helped me to unshed my debilitating shyness and provided me with opportunities to workshop with children. Those were important lessons that I carried with me in the ensuing years as an art teacher. Time passed and I left the Northeast. I became a professional artist and Sharon went on to become a professional storyteller. What a delight it was to receive CDs of her storytelling work along with some gorgeous, thoughtful picture frames for me to put on my piano, another source of passion. I will never forget Sharon and her great love of books and the arts.

Gift from Michael A. Giza, Renaissance man

The third package came from a childhood friend. We were in “Honors Art” classes together in high school and used to pass doodles back in forth in literature class. I was always in admiration of his versatility and talent. Not only was he an amazing visual artist but he was a musician and singer as well. In fact, he was all-state for Connecticut and all-eastern choir for the northeast. I considered him one of my closest friends as we faced the daily perils of our intrepid nerdy or whatever we were teenage years together. Mike was also a math guy and went on to successfully utilize his logical brain by day while returning to his passion for art by night, so to speak. Mike sent me some of the results of his creative labors that he now sells at events including a book entitled Jaguar Night 2014 Mayan-Aztec Calendar that he illustrated.  For those of you, who for one reason or another abandoned former dreams but yearn to return to art, Mike’s blog is inspiring: Finding Art Again: The Creative Explorations of Michael A. Giza.


In other Hunt-Kramerville News:

pathway to side yard/ fruit tree garden.

pathway to side yard/ fruit tree garden.

Kort and I share a passion for gardening and fall season is a wonderful time to get out and rejuvenate fallow beds. I joke with my friends that I do house yoga while cleaning and get my cross-fitness on while gardening. This is absolutely the truth. There is no workout more satisfying to me than one that results in a beautified environment. Here is a collage of photos Kort took of our current flowers-in-bloom. I figured, while I’m talking about the talented people in my life, I wanted to include Kort’s gorgeous photography work as well. Our garden and Kort’s captures are part of inspiring a creative life!

Photos Kort took of our garden flowers.

Photos Kort took of our garden flowers.

...more gorgeous photos taken by Kort.

…more gorgeous photos taken by Kort.

~ Lisa


Enjoy your messes while you can!

Posted By on September 17, 2013

A neighbor of mine  recently became an empty nester. She told me now that her children are grown and gone, her house is in perfect order: neat, clean and quiet. Before I could tell her how happy I was for her (because my own house is hopelessly disorganized and loud with kids, cats, and creativity), her eyes welled up. “Enjoy your messes,” she uttered warmly. “It’s life. Enjoy it while you have it because one day you are going to miss it all.”

Her palpable sadness gave me pause. True, my life is full of messes. But I suppose the domestic dishevelment is symptomatic of great joy and creativity. It’s bubbly and energetic and full of delicious ambition! Every day is filled with purpose and hopes that I accomplish my to-dos and go to bed feeling satisfied. It never really happens. Instead, I fall into bed exhausted, weary and often feeling guilty for not doing more. But now I have to rethink what that really means. I am middle-aged, in the midst of a messy life and it’s actually pretty wonderful! I am thankful to my wise neighbor for reminding me what’s truly important–live in the moment and remember that nothing lasts forever. There will be plenty of time to be neat and organized later if I’m blessed with longevity. But maybe not. Maybe the creative complexities will be with me until my last breath. Deep down inside, I hope so.

My chaotic days are peppered with spontaneous activities such as posing hands for painting reference.

photographic reference for Morgana's Ravens. Hand movement was particularly important for this painting.

I think hand movements/positions are  particularly important for conveying emotion.

Or working on a customer order, in this case I spent many days working on a commissioned piece entitled “Morgana’s Ravens”.

Watercolor painting-in-progress

Watercolor painting-in-progress

Morgana's Ravens

Morgana’s Ravens: Finished!

Or working on several different drawings for Winged Enchantment Oracle, with an impending deadline hovering over the last few pieces.

...more bird-shapeshfiter drawings for the Winged Enchantment Oracle

…more bird-shapeshifter drawings on the watercolor boards.

Then there is my online business, something I have loved building slowly over time. But nevertheless, it requires that I keep focused on art and not on housework.

New Fall offers. Setting these product shots up was fun but time-consuming.


If that isn’t enough there is the garden, where I try to exercise my inner (outside) zen. I also play piano, a respite into temporary calm.

Our front walkway

Our front walkway.  The rocks that line the pathway are meant to induce calmness and order as one approaches/leaves our lively home.


And then there are the kids, cats, birds and endless messes. The animals are sanguine, a reflection of the otherwise peaceable kingdom that populates this busy life.

Studio moments with Kyra's new kitty Izzy.

Studio moments with Kyra’s new kitty Izzy and our budgie “Newbirdy”. Izzy has already inspired a few drawings.

Connor is a minecraft geek with his penchant for design. He's also learning computer programming in hopes he can pursue an engineering/design track in the future.

Connor is a Minecraft geek with his penchant for design. He’s also learning computer programming in hopes he can pursue an engineering/design track in the future. I asked him to make a quick sketch for my blog and this is what he came up with.

Wishing everyone copious creativity and happy messes!

~ Lisa






Flying free as a bird–the power of sketching

Posted By on August 20, 2013

For the past few weeks, I’ve been flying free as a bird through the power of sketching. These gut-driven explorations help to break the mental sound barrier allowing ideas to spill over into consciousness. I dream these ideas, I feel these ideas, but I realize these ideas through the simplicity of pencil on paper.

pencil drawings from the ol' sketchbook

Pencil drawings from the ol’ sketchbook. Left is Woodpecker-Shapeshfiter and right is Eagle-Shapehsifter.

When do I sketch? I sketch all the time and everywhere, from my desk, on the kitchen counter, while I’m waiting and even in bed at night with my laptop desk. Sometimes my best sketches happen when I’m tired and vulnerable, when the restraints of conscious perfection give way to meditative meanderings.

Concept and sketch for Kingfisher-Shapeshifter.

Concept and sketch for Kingfisher-Shapeshifter.

I also work on commissions and fine arts pieces. This new direction appears to be a natural inclination as I grow older and transition from narrative pursuits to emotional outpourings. The piece below is based on a client’s keywords: Ravens & Morgana.  “Morgana’s Ravens” has been such a fun piece to work on despite the cumbersome nature of the large homasote board that I had to staple a full sheet of watercolor to.  Working large is liberating in its own way providing an exercise in demonstrative arm swoops in between tight textural details. It reminds me of life drawing sessions with a twist.

Large sheet of watercolor paper stretched and ready for drawing.

Large sheet of watercolor paper stretched and ready for drawing.

Here's Morgana's Ravens, a commissioned work. It has been a while since I've worked this large.

Here’s “Morgana’s Ravens”, a commissioned work-in-progress. I love noodling with all the organic elements.

In other Studio news:

Here's another in a series I've been doing as a fine arts set entitled Ghost Birds.

Here’s another in a series I’ve been doing as a fine arts set entitled Ghost Birds.


In between sketching and painting for Winged Enchantment Oracle, I’ve been working on a series entitled Ghost Birds. In my view, birds are ethereal creatures that have one talon in the spirit world. Their ability to fly provides a wonderful symbol for something deeply ephemeral and dream-like. Who hasn’t dreamt about flying? Who hasn’t pondered the mysteries of the bird world? Who hasn’t been awed by their seeming inexhausitble presence in the skies? Drawing Ghost Birds provides the perfect archetypal blend between conscious and unconscious thought processes.

If anyone is interested in purchasing Ghost Bird drawings as they are completed, please join the Lisa Hunt Art Group on Facebook. I regularly post originals for sale at reasonable prices. I may also expand my online gallery to include the series as the pieces are completed.

Coming Soon:

Day of the Dead as 10 of Cups from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot.

Day of the Dead as 10 of Cups from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot.

To celebrate the coming Fall season, I will be offering a fabulous Ghost and Spirits gift set. This set will include a new printed greeting card (sized for framing), an original painting made to order using key words, a signed Ghosts & Spirits Tarot deck and more. Please stay tuned and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more details and purchasing information as it becomes available.


cardback_drawingIn other Hunt-Kramerville news: Living in “weird” Florida has its perks~The interior of the Blue Anchor Pub in Delray Beach.

The interior of the Blue Anchor British Pub in Delray Beach.

We couldn’t take any trips or vacations this year, so we enjoyed a staycation by visiting local tourist destinations (fairly easy to do when residing in Florida). One of our expeditions included a trip to the Blue Anchor British Pub in downtown Delray Beach. This ghostly venue is included in the book Strange but True Florida by Lynne L. Hall. Believe it or not, the exterior of the pub was shipped from England and along with it, its 150 year history including patronage from two of Jack the Ripper’s victims. Our server told us that it’s a hot spot for ghost hunters. The place was dark and heavy with a strange vaporous presence. Being inside was worlds away from the swaying palm trees and seaside ambiance right down the street. But it was captivating with its book-lined walls, wooded beams and eccentric 19th century decor. The authentic menu offerings added to the old world charm.



The finished Blackbird-Shapeshifter & Snapshots of the Studio

Posted By on August 6, 2013

The finished Blackbird-Shapeshifter watercolor painting.

The finished Blackbird-Shapeshifter watercolor painting.



I am blackbird, the enchantress of the soul. I am melodious and hypnotic, and lure the curious heart toward the hidden worlds. I will silence the mind and allow spirit to creep into awareness. I break through the boundaries, cracking whatever separates you from eternity. If you have strayed into my woods, something enchanting is afoot.  The treasure chest of your power is about to be unleashed.

Know your voice. Tune your song.

Every vibration you release will have stunning effects upon the world around you. Like a tiny stone within the great pool of the cosmos, you will stir the waters.

You will create magic.

I may call to you from distant places, leading you to a perfect experience. Or I may simply sit outside your window as a reassurance of the path ahead.

You are resonating with change.

You are open to the limitless.

You are Blackbird. ~Lesley Morrison, Author of The Healing Wisdom of Birds


Watercolor painting requires 2 things: Patience and passion.

Watercolor painting requires 2 things: Patience and passion.


In other studio news:
7_Pentacles head

I’m happy to report that the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot Facebook fan page has exceeded 5000 likes. Thank you everyone for your support! We recently gave away 3 Ghosts & Spirits Tarot apps and a signed Ghosts & Spirits Tarot deck to several lucky winners who liked and shared our posts. We will be giving away an original pencil drawing and signed tarot deck once we reach 6000 likes! Please come and join the fun and see some ghostly doodles, drawings and samplings from the deck and book.


And behind the scenes:

My typical painting palette layout. Somehow, it works.

My typical painting palette layout. Somehow, it works.

Here's one of the studio walls, chock full of books and sundries.

Here’s one of the studio walls, chock-full of books and sundries.

This is my bookshelf of accomplishments, showcasing my published work and other significant milestones along the way.

This is my bookshelf of accomplishments, showcasing my published work and some other significant milestones along the way.

View from my studio window.

View from my studio window.


Raven has lingered the longest!

Posted By on July 18, 2013

I am no stranger to Raven and its mythological stature. I’ve collected stories and sketched the corvus for as long as I can remember. It is no wonder – their omnipresence in folktale stories has an almost divine position in the mythos spectrum. In fact, I included the Inuit trickster story How Raven Brought Light to the World in my The Fairy Tale Tarot.

Raven as King of Swords

Raven as King of Swords

The Raven did not go away after that. Raven is also part of Winged Enchantment Oracle. Believe it or not, it wasn’t  an initial candidate for deck inclusion, but then the author Lesley Morrison and I took pause and realized what a big mistake its omission would be.

While posting progress images of the painting, I saw a flurry of Facebook posts suggesting Raven’s presence. It was as though Raven energy permeated the air! In fact, one of my friends and colleagues told me that she had a dream about ravens after seeing my painting. Raven is that powerful – it has a hypnotic effect on our psyches and represents something deeply profound.

Raven "I am raven, the deep magic from the north. I am the ancient connection between you and the immortal. I am a cataclysm of force, and proof that your world is changing. Watching you from my realm, I must ensure you see the magic, for you may be missing the hidden threads that are binding your experience. There are great things at work. There are manifestations at your feet. "~Lesley Morrison

“I am raven, the deep magic from the north. I am the ancient connection between you and the immortal. I am a cataclysm of force, and proof that your world is changing. Watching you from my realm, I must ensure you see the magic, for you may be missing the hidden threads that are binding your experience. There are great things at work. There are manifestations at your feet.” ~Lesley Morrison

I jumped right into the details from the getgo.

I jumped right into the details from the get-go.

Here’s an e-mail exchange I had with my friend Lesley, who is writing the descriptions for the Winged Enchantment Oracle:

Hi Lesley: I’m trying to finish up Raven today—probably my most complicated painting yet. It has taken way too long…
Yes I figured Raven would linger the longest…haha.
Why do you suppose it has been taking me so long? I feel so pulled in by its talons, so to speak. It has a spell on me somehow.
Raven wants to make sure we see every angle. It has been the one description I have had to re-write over and over! I think it’s because Raven works on so many levels.
A mix of slow intensity

Work-in-Progress: A mix of slow intensity

 Indeed! This is a complicated bird that doles out heaps of mystery. While painting Raven-Shapeshifter, I experienced ineffable polarizing energies. On the one hand, it felt chaotic and out of control. On the other hand, the chaos was orderly and part of a larger organized plan. At least that is how I felt as the painter. The goal was to pull it all together, like a Jazz ensemble; the tempo being the foundation that binds all the colors, shapes, and visual sounds together. The art couldn’t be rushed. It had to find its way though the debris of uncertainty until everything harmonized perfectly.

In other studio news:

Here’s another glimpse at the new Ghosts & Spirits Tarot app. I really love this app. I find it easy to use and visually captivating. My husband Kort finally caught the tarot bug and has been pulling up daily readings on his iPad Mini.

Check it out at Fool’s Dog LLC  along with their other fine tarot apps!


sample screen capture

~ Lisa


The award-winning Ghosts & Spirits Tarot is now available as a gorgeous app!

Posted By on July 14, 2013

Main menu and card samples from the ghosts & spirits tarot app

Main menu and card samples from the ghosts & spirits tarot app

The award-winning Ghosts and Spirits Tarot is now available as a stunning iPhone/iPad application!


* Intuitive, elegant interface is easy for beginners and experts
* Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution card images
* Full support for all iOS devices, including the iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad with retina display
* Each card comes with a synopsis of the ghost story and divinatory meaning
* Bonus material, including fully realized art, sketches and text
* Sophisticated journal
* 12 spreads built-in
* Design your own layout with Free Form
* Allow reversed cards or not
* Option to use Major Arcana only
* Zoom in to enlarge card details
* Share reading via Facebook (requires iOS 6), email and Twitter
* Animated shuffle & cut
* Optional voice prompts
* Customize with your own card meanings & reading cloths
* Many adjustable settings

Here are some photos of the application in use on an iPad mini

Here are some photos of the application in use on an iPad mini

I think The Fool’s Dog did an amazing job creating this app!

Sample Card reading

Sample Card reading

Icon256-1To purchase your app, Visit the Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/ghosts-spirits-tarot/id668018343?mt=8

Don’t forget to like and share Ghosts & Spirits Tarot on Facebook. I will be having periodic giveaways of my decks and art in between card-of-the-day posts, sketches, drawings and other ghostly goodies.



In other news:

In between creating paintings for Winged Enchantment Oracle, I’ve been enjoying working on my Lisa Hunt Art cottage business where I sell my custom art, paintings, drawings, prints, tarot decks and books. My favorite part – wrapping orders up like they are special presents! I began selling my work online in 2009 and have learned so much along the way. I’m very thankful to all of my amazing customers who have helped keep the studio light on! You can see some of the original art offerings including gift sets by joining the Lisa Hunt Art group page on Facebook.

In between

I derive great joy wrapping orders!

…and when not in the studio…

It has been almost a year since I commenced my Jazz theory/improvisation studies and all I can say is WOW! There is a huge difference between reading music in a book and playing from lead sheets. I’m still transitioning from what I thought I knew about playing piano to realizing that I have barely scratched the surface.

My music studies have become a source of passion and creative inspiration!

I am finishing up the “first semester of four books” and am now reviewing it with mastership in mind. My teacher is finally talking about my eligibility for book two—a proposition that is huge for me!  I have no idea what is ahead but I don’t doubt it will help satiate the need to expand my musical repertoire. Like with any challenging endeavor that requires practice and discipline, learning involves patience, determination and a belief that one can overcome difficulties during the process. I don’t think I’m musically inclined, but I love music and I love to learn. Therefore, in this case, passion trumps natural abilities.

I remember feeling the same way about painting in watercolors back in my early 20s before getting published. I remember feeling that way while studying for my Masters degree in my mid 30s. I remember feeling that way about Tae-Kwon-Do in my late 30s before earning my black belt. “Y’know It don’t come easy!” I don’t intend to give up my Jazz piano studies–I possess hobbyist resolve! Life is one big learning adventure after another if you choose it to be!

How do you connect with your creative/intellectual spirit? Have you thought about pursuing something you’ve always wanted to learn? If you have never picked up a paintbrush, an instrument, or anything that requires a walk out of one’s comfort zone, it’s never too late! I know because I never allow myself to languish in easy.

~ Lisa