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Frost King, stepmothers and keeping your cool

| December 27, 2008

The Frost King as King of Pentacles was a really fun painting to do partly because I love to draw spirits (and this one was done with some spontaneous flourishes—ice and snow are fun to paint using watercolors) and partly because I was eager to capture the resilience of the little girl who maintained decorum and courage in the face of impending doom.

Life as a Fairy Tale: seeing past illusions, overcoming our fears and making our dreams come true!

| December 20, 2008

Most readers of fairy tales will agree: without a quest or challenge, there wouldn’t be much of a story. If we just rolled from one passive day to the next without any input from the dark side, we would quickly languish into states of irrevocable apathy. But do not fear, there is no such thing as sustained bliss; the road of life is filled with potholes and puddles, ready to shake us out of contentment without notice.

Reconnecting with my wild horse spirit: Lessons learned in a Taekwondo dojo from white belt mind to black belt confidence

| December 7, 2008

After a somewhat sedentary existence following the birth of my daughter, I was cajoled by my son Connor’s Taekwondo Master to take a non-obligatory trial class. Here I was, a chubby post partum mom staring impending middle age in the face and I was being coerced into a situation that I was less than enthusiastic about…

Older Fairy Tale Tarot Journal Entries.

| December 1, 2008

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