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Creating the Fairy Tale Tarot: From Idea to Publication (pt 1)

| March 30, 2009

Painting is not just something I do, it is an extension of my soul and an inherent part of my well being. I have sketched seriously nearly every single day for the past 25 years, and there is always a painting in progress. I write as well– the two disciplines often converging in journals/sketchbooks and from the imaginative reservoirs constantly percolating in my restless mind…

The Little Mermaid: The Silent Observer

| March 26, 2009

Last week, I lost my voice—not my artistic one, but the one that emanates from my throat. I caught a cold virus (hoping my old enemy Mr. Bronchitis does not return) that rendered me temporarily speechless…

Rumpelstiltskin: Getting Through “Life Stuff” One Straw At A Time

| March 21, 2009

Sometimes the day-to-day “life stuff” has a way of piling up on us. Just when you think you may have things under control, something may get unexpectedly tossed your way, throwing you off balance…

Spring is in the Air: renewal, surprises, hope and a first glimpse of the Summer Queen

| March 7, 2009

It has been a strange winter season, even here in Florida with radically fluctuating temperatures and a prolonged drought making gardening plans haphazard at best. But as the mid-march air begins to warm up and rainy season (thankfully) draws near, there is a sense of renewal in the air.

Being the Fool and all the tricksters along the way…

| March 1, 2009

I am the fool and frankly I make no apologies for it. Despite having earned my black belt in TKD, I have retained a white-belt mind—and a white-belt mind is a humble one that realizes anything can happen. I approach my life and day with an innocence that is both creative and compromising…