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The intrepid artistic fool I am: My journey through tarot and a decade of artistic exploration.

| June 21, 2009

In 1994, I was asked to create sample art for my first deck, Shapeshifter Tarot. Back then, I was the intrepid newbie 20-something year old artist, full of dreams and fresh from recent children’s book publication, book and magazine work and a few oddities in between. I was open to anything and a tarot deck sounded like just the thing needed to satiate my longterm ambitious artistic palette and unwavering interest in myths, legends and tarot cards…

Creating the Fairy Tale Tarot: From Idea to Publication (pt 3)

| June 15, 2009

After weeks of torturous waiting, my press sheets finally arrived! They came in a huge elongated triangular box and required a signature for delivery. This was precious cargo and something that had me floating to the dining room table as Otis Redding played soulfully in the background. I felt so much pent up excitement that I was like a 5 year old hyperventilating in front of a huge birthday present! And the kids were right by my side, sharing in the joy of Mommy’s accomplishment…

The end of a creative cycle and seasons anew: The days after finishing The Fairy Tale Tarot

| June 1, 2009

The past month has been full of changes. It marked the end of a prolonged drought here in the tropics, it introduced the reality (ala Kindergarten orientation day) that my daughter is no longer a baby but a little girl whose about to spread her academic wings, it was about watching my almost 9 year old son earn his brown belt in TKD after many years of intense training, it’s about having just reacquainted myself with a childhood friend I haven’t spoken to in 33 years…