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Seeing The Fairy Tale Tarot kit for the first time: a peak experience!

| July 24, 2009

Life has peak experiences, though these monumental events are surely infrequent. And for me, one of those celebratory moments was delivered to my front door via a fed ex box…

Some of the studios I’ve worked in before. I don’t take anything for granted!

| July 12, 2009

Lisa’s studios throughout the years.

Making the Journey out and in

| July 4, 2009

The Moody Blues record albums were a staple during my early college years. To me, their songs reminded me of mythic journeys and inspired some of my earliest works. And most often, the paintings were not based on academic application, but rather they served as a conduit for inner feelings and the compulsion to tell fairy tales, myths and legends via the paintbrush…