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In the throes of an intense painting season (with “studio buddy” at my side)

Final watercolor painting: Cap o' Rushes

Final watercolor painting: Cap o' Rushes

It has been a while since I’ve written a life-as-an-artist post. The past few months have been a flurry of The Fairy Tale Tarot promotion (something that has been a fun experience!), getting kids ready for another school year, tying up long neglected loose ends including painting bookshelves, purging clutter and prepping seedlings for the autumnal garden season.

Now that fall is officially underway, I’ve thrown myself back into my studio cave for another intense round of deadline-driven painting. The next several months will be full of creative bustle. I’ve also been preparing artwork and prints for two upcoming art shows (more info next post).

I seem to juxtapose intense painting sessions with recuperative respites. I know it’s  probably more ideal to maintain a steady pace throughout the year, but somehow, those pockets of mental rest prepare me for the next round of explosive creativity. I seem to build up the need to do art before unlocking the dam of ideas, mixing paint while settling myself within the realm of my own alternate universe. During these active work cycles, it’s very hard to pull away from my studio. Thus, I have a conspicuous clock on the wall across from my drafting table. Otherwise, sacred art time would render linear time irrelevant. After all I do need to feed the cat and pick up the kids from school.

Initial rough sketch in journal with notes

Initial rough sketch in journal with notes

Right now, I feel very Ace of Swords. My mind has affixed itself on the necessity to paint. I have a clear vision of what I will be doing for the duration of fall and winter. Yes there will be those inevitable life going ons that gingerly make their way into one’s daily sphere, but I know when I sit down to paint–there will be little pause.

In the Fairy Tale Tarot, Ace of Swords is represented by Cap o’ Rushes. I’ve always loved this story and really connect with the unrealized heroine in the painting. I love the fact that she’s able to adapt (literally, using rushes to weave a garment)  and focus on what she needs to do to prevail under challenging circumstances. In my case, it’s the reality of a busy season ahead. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I am viewing it as the beginning of renewed challenges full of creative opportunities and exciting studio sessions.

Pencil drawing of Cap 'o Rushes

Pencil drawing of Cap 'o Rushes

The work I am exploring is daring–and reflects a maturity that is starting to penetrate how I see the world. I truly believe working on The Fairy Tale started something–and has made me believe that exploring the depths of our being, shadowy chasms and all is not a detriment but rather an opportunity to become more whole, more expansive and simply more aware of who we are and what our unique place on the world stage might be. The work I’ve been doing in the past few years reflects this growth and the realization that there is no such thing as “arriving” as an artist. It truly is all about the creative journey. And with that, farther and with a bolder brush I go!

tim_studio_buddyAnd just in case I start feeling irretrievably lost  during the painting process, there’s always Timmy “studio buddy” there to help keep it real! :)


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