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Announcement: Fairy Tale Exhibit Opening


The Fairy Tale exhibit opens Friday, October 23 at the Kris Waldherr Art and Words Gallery in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Lisa is one of the artists with work in the exhibit. Visit this link for more details:


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5 Responses to “Announcement: Fairy Tale Exhibit Opening”

  1. Cat says:

    oh Lisa, I know its going to a wonderful show! I wish I could see it!

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  3. Arwen says:

    In my dreams, I win the lottery and get the money in time to fly to New York for this opening night.

    And then I buy an original from Kris and Lisa and anyone else who catches my fancy.

    Then I buy a huge house and…

    Oh. Sorry. Seven of Cups moment! :)

    Way to go, Lisa!

  4. Rose says:

    I *so* wish I could come! Sounds so enthralling! Best wishes to you all!