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My 15 year journey with tarot: a retrospective

2010 is nearly halfway over. Can you believe it? I can’t! It recently dawned on me that I did my first tarot painting 15 years ago. So much has happened since. I’ve grown from a young idealist to a middle-aged idealist. My life has changed, my art has changed, but the basic core of who I am has never been compromised. I am still exploring tarot, art, mythology, psychology and all the other wonderful, juicy stuff that makes life so interesting to me. It has been a wonderful ride and I feel grateful to still be at it! Here are some photos of tarot/publishing days past. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did finding them again!

Here I am with a foolish young heart (and thin figure!). This is 1995 while working on my first tarot deck: the Shapeshifter Tarot

This is the painting that determined my artistic path. The Sorceress was the sample I painted before landing my first tarot contract with Llewellyn Publications.

Here's a Shapeshifter portrait I did for 60's rock icon, Donovan. I flew to San Francisco and presented the framed painting to him in person at a 1997 Whole Life Expo (my apologies for the poor photo quality--I know I have more somewhere).

Here I am in 1998 at an Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale graduation. At the time I was working on Celtic Dragon Tarot, I was also earning a degree in Computer Animation (very new at the time). I face-mapped the Shapeshifter Tarot images on 3D runes and had them spin around in space. No one ever saw anything like that before and it earned me the top prize in my graduating class (and a subsequent job as a conceptual designer and later, college teacher).

Here's my studio. On the wall is a framed Celtic Dragon Tarot press sheet. As my biggest seller, it holds a place of honor in my workspace.

After Celtic Dragon Tarot, my book Celestial Goddesses was published. I met fabulous people along the way, including my dear friend Pam (professional singer/art educator extraordinaire). This was taken during the Spring of 2002.

I also met my future husband at the one and only Celestial Goddesses book signing. It was destiny!

During the past 15 years, I've nurtured an extraordinary friendship with the brilliant and soulful Kris Waldherr.

While I was earning my Masters Degree in Interdisplinary Studies, Animals Divine Tarot was published. It earned a COVR award the following year (2006).

After Animals Divine Tarot, there was Fantastical Creatures Tarot published by US Games. Here I am at a 2007 INATS East signing/reading. I was busy!

While working on tarot decks and books, I had kids! Here I am with my artistic son Connor in 2009.

Here's Kyra in the studio in (early 2009?). My kids love to draw too!

Here's a bookcover-in-progress I did last year.

I also had a 10 year stint as a Collectible Card Game artist, but after over 100 images I retired from the industry.

I also studied martial arts and earned my Black Belt in TKD as a means of getting healthy and feeling more balanced while in the studio. It's easy to neglect oneself when one is so consumed by one's artistic passions! (2008)

I loved writing this book!

Here's a framed press sheet of The Fairy Tale Tarot that hung at a local gallery in 2009.

Here I am at work in the studio. I use the TP for painting--just in case you were confused. (2010)

Here's what I'm working on now...

and here's what I'll be working on next. :)

It has been a wonderful journey so far. I can honestly say that I feel a deep sense of gratitude for my life. Yes, I did make things happen, but I also feel I’m a blessed person to be able to live my passion and know who I am. Who knows what will be? But for now, I’m perfectly content with the here and now. But sometimes it’s good to reflect back and take pause. I don’t take anything for granted!

~ Lisa

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3 Responses to “My 15 year journey with tarot: a retrospective”

  1. lisahuntart says:

    Thank you so much, Kerry!

    Kate, I love your blog http://www.diamondsandtoads.com/! Thank you for your lovely comment. It’s appreciated.
    It was great to meet Donovan in person. He is extraordinarily talented and seems truly passionate about his music. His wife was a sweetheart too. I feel lucky to have met such a great legend along my journey, though I must thank Llewellyn and Sirona Knight for making it happen all those years ago.
    Now if only I could meet Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues….haha.

  2. KateW says:

    What a lovely retrospective and what a delightful family you have.
    You’ve convinced me to buy the Tarot cards (fairy tale).
    And I love Donovan!

  3. Kerry says:

    Thank you for sharing. You are such an extraordinary artist and have lived a great life so far. I’m looking forward to what you will bring us next!