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People who Inspire Me (Part 1): My Mother

Me with my Mommy 1968-69 (Mom called me her "Wildhorse")

Mom was a stunning woman. She had that jaw-dropping beauty that made heads turn. She reminded me of Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched fame, a TV show I loved watching as a kid. From my point of view, Mom breathed magic. But more than that, Mom was an artist and a darn good storyteller too. She was beautiful and brilliant, everything I hoped to be.  She is a voracious reader and can recite Göethe verbatim; with a deep understanding that reflects a woman of great intelligence. Her own love of books certainly fostered my book-collecting habits!

Mom's childhood--fantasies, dreams and all

When she was a little girl, drawing, telling stories, and reading were her passions. She made beautiful books and earned A’s in writing class for her extraordinary talents, often compensating for her less than stellar performance in those subjects she had little interest in. She saved these fully-illustrated treasures that I am now gratefully in possession of. As a child, I pored over her sketches and wondered how she could pluck so many ideas out of  thin air and sketch with such technical facility. I remember how badly I wanted to draw as well as she did and I’m quite sure those creations from her formative years impacted mine.

Mom's homemade books created during her teen years. She titled them "Freetime" and "Our Three Girl House" (about life with 2 sisters).

As a child, my mom's drawings were awe-inspiring!

Mom's writing and pen and ink work were beautiful!

Oh, how I loved this drawing. It had a wonderful narrative quality.

Like Mom, I excelled at what I loved to do but tended to get bored when something failed to inspire (something both my mom and I regret about ourselves). But Mom was the one who showed me how interesting history could be, by giving me the human side of past triumphs and failings. The intricacies of the human condition were often glossed over in educational texts, but mom helped to fill in the gaps and fed my lifelong interest in mythos and analytical psychology.

Mom spoke “gemischt” with me—both English and German. My early childhood books were comprised of two languages. In fact, I spoke German before I spoke English, though I didn’t find this out until much later. Eventually English took over, but my love for Märchen (fairy tales) never dissipated. If you look closely at the photo, you will recognize subject matter that later served as my basic imaginative palette for writing and illustrating.

My favorite childhood books that I still have and cherish.

You can imagine how delighted I was when The Fairy Tale Tarot was translated into German…

The Fairy Tale Tarot available in both English and German.

Due to life circumstances, mom never pursued an art/writing career, but she has always been supportive of mine. She has even posed for me, most recently as The Hermit from Fantastical Creatures Tarot.

Mom as a Hermit, still breathing magic (From Fantastical Creatures Tarot published by US Games Systems)

Mom and I didn’t always see eye to eye (as moms and daughters are notorious for butting heads!), but as I grow older —I am understanding and appreciating her more and more; especially as my own “Wildhorse” daughter shows some of the same interests and proclivities that Mom and I share. Mom was and is one of my biggest inspirations. I hope I can be just like her when I grow up!

Thank you, Mom.

One of my favorite pictures of Mom and I taken at a Renaissance Fair in 1988.

~ Lisa

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12 Responses to “People who Inspire Me (Part 1): My Mother”

  1. Lisa Hunt says:

    It was so great to hear from other daughters out there! Thank you so much ladies. I do think most mothers try their best, as imperfect as the relationships can be. It’s hard to see that as a child, but I think adulthood helps us to recognize the value and wisdom of our mothers. My mother has always told me: “Someday your ship will come in.” It’s nice to think that she has always valued my efforts and dreams. That’s really all a person girl needs.

  2. Geslina says:

    Lisa, how nice to read about your mother. I am an artist as well, and although my mother is not, she encouraged me, was proud of my talent and worked hard to send me to very good classical training art school starting at the age of 8. Regardless of all of our “difficult” years ( and there were many ) she has been my greatest supporter, and believed in me even when I am sure it was hard for her to do so.

    I am also a tarot lover, and am waiting with baited breath for your ghosts and spirits tarot….

  3. Indigene says:

    What an inspiring Mom you have, and I see she laid the foundation for who you are, and now you’re doing the same for your family! She’s beautiful and you look so much like her, too! Continue your wonderful legacy, it has meaning and depth.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing stories of your lovely mom, what a cool lady! I’m not surprised that she raised such a wonderful and talented daughter! I always was taken with that Hermit card, now I know why!

  5. Arwen says:

    My mama passed 9.5 years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. She was truly one of my best friends. We could laugh over the simplest things. Lisa, I am grateful to you for the energy of this post. The love and respect comes shining through. You are as much an artist with your words as with your other tools.

  6. Lisa –

    Thank you for sharing!


  7. lisahuntart says:

    Cindy and Diane: Such incredibly touching responses. For some reason, writing this post and then reading the comments from friends like yourselves is particularly moving. The mother/daughter dynamic has a way of generating lots of emotion, something that is not necessarily easy to articulate. This post took me a while to compose. It’s hard to sum up a lifetime of being someone’s daughter.

  8. Cindy Coombe says:

    Your mother is special, and she taught you to be a special mom, too!

  9. Diane Wilkes says:

    That was so lovely. And you and your daughter look so much like your mom–three generations of beautiful blonde artists.

  10. lisahuntart says:

    Kris: That was sweet of you to say. xo

  11. kris waldherr says:

    Beautiful post! Your mom is lucky to have such a beautiful loving daughter as yourself. :)

  12. pussinboots says:

    A very touching addition to your blog Lis. :)