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Hawk-Shapeshifter, Building Bridges and Banishing the Stage Fright Phantom

Hawk-Shapeshifter: Initial watercolor washes

The beginning of June ushers in huge sighs of relief. The intensity of Springtime activities gives way to the more layed back sounds of summer as music recitals and school finals become fixtures of a more punctuated period gone by. Now everyone can purge old papers and move on to fresh music and clean canvases, uninhibited by the pressures of a regularly-scheduled life. Everything feels a little different, tastes different and just is different. Starting Hawk-Shapeshifter was like a breath of fresh air—a breeze following stormy skies. I think my current mood is definitly moving this painting along.

Starting a new painting

Summer shifts the tempermant and elevates the senses with its ripening fruit and all the possibilities that each day has to offer, at least for me. To quote one of my favorite authors who sadly just passed away:

“Sandwich outdoors isn’t a sandwich anymore. Tastes different than indoors, notice? Got more spice. Tastes like mint and pinesap. Does wonders for the appetite.”
Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine (one of my favorite books)

That pretty much sums up how I feel about summertime. Painting never tasted so good.

Hawk-Shapeshifter in progress (about halfway through)

In other studio news: I am delighted to report that The Limited Edition Ghosts and Spirits Tarot kits have SOLD OUT. I’ve sent out approximately half of the orders so far, enjoying each and every part of the process. For those of you who missed out on this opportunity, you can still order a signed deck and for $10 more, you can get a pencil doodle too. Check the Ghosts & Spirit Tarot website for details.

doodly-sketch for customer

I love to draw, so doodling for my customers is something I delight in! Here’s a sample drawing to get an idea of how I define doodle. For me, these doodles do not need keywords—they are extensions of the automatic sketching function—figments of the imagination flowing out at will.

One of the great things about being an artist is to be able to connect with other artists. It’s wonderful to share stories and exchange gifts of the heart. Recently, I received a well-made tarot bag from Sharon at Intuitive Energies, a beautiful sketchbook from my long time friend Kris Waldherr, lovely handmade bracelets from my friend and piano mentor Brenda Parker and two GORGEOUS mandala paintings from Nefer Khepri, PhD at Magickal Musings.  I’m so grateful to have been touched by these generous spirits who inspire me with their tenacity, passion and desire to express themselves in their own unique ways.

Mandala works by Nefer Khepri, PhD. Nefer did a fantastic job visually analyzing my psyche through her introspective offerings. These paintings add vibrant life to my otherwise drab studio wall. They're grounding and make me smile every time I look up at these reflections of the soul.

Beautiful gifts that hold much meaning for me.



In other Hunt-Kramerville news

I beat the Stage Fright Phantom!

As many of you know by now, I suffer from “performance anxiety” aka Stage Fright. Last year I let the Stage Fright get the better of me as I pathetically stumbled through the measures and allowed the phantom to take possession of the performance. This year I stepped on the stage with the confidence of a song so well rehearsed that it had established itself in my psyche. I knew every note as intimately as I know the paints on my brushes. I didn’t even think I was nervous until I sat down with all eyes watching. Then it happened, the phantom’s icy grip traveled down my arms and took control of my fingers. My hands shook so much that those who could spy the keyboard knew potential trouble was afoot, like a car crash about to happen. But with the calm energy of my loving piano teacher helping to cloak the phantom cascade, I let go and played through the shakes. My piano teacher had wisely reminded me before the recital “your hands will know what to do” so without thinking too much because thinking too much can serve as the Stage Fright Phantom’s accomplace, I started to relax. My hands, with only the slightest of mistakes carried the piece to a triumphant end. I had banished the Stage Fright Phantom.

If you look closely at the audience, you will see a blond woman in a pink shirt. She too is a music student, but was too scared to play in front of people. After the performance, she told me that I had inspired her and that she too will try to find the courage to play next year. That was music to my ears!


Connor is a science whiz having aced his science class with his stunning bridge-building finish. My mother predicts that Connor will be a structural engineer one day. I had my doubts until he demonstarted the strength of his popsicle stick bridge by standing on it.

Connor the bridge designer. On the left, standing on his popsicle stick bridge.

Kyra, well she got a 100% on her Jamaica project complete with a book she had written and illustrated. The last week of school was filled with fun including dress as a pirate day to help support her vocabulary lessons that included freebooters, doubloon, fried junk and a few other words I was sadly unfamiliar with. I obviously didn’t read enough swashbuckling stories during my formative years!

Kyra's last school project for the year including a watercolor portrait of Bob Marley.

Art is life! Treat everything you do as if it’s a new adventure.


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