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The finished Hawk-Shapeshifter, thoughts on tarot and vintage children’s books

Hawk-Shapeshifter-in-progress. It took me a while to paint this piece. There were many elements to consider including value patterns, textures and color choices.


The easiest thing to paint was the shapeshifting face, the hardest was the clouds. Ethereal spirits kept poking through as I went along and I just couldn’t ignore their presence.


It was one of those things: All of the sudden a painting that took many hours of concentrated effort felt done. It was a *stop, put your paintbrush down* feeling that swept over me.

Some thoughts on tarot:

Ghosts & Spirits Tarot has been generating much positive buzz around the blogosphere. I’m delighted to see such a diversity of perspectives from an impressive roster of reviewers. I’d learned a long time ago to never be overly expectant about how others will respond to my work because it is nearly impossible to predict. An author/artist must leave the ego at the door, or else be subjected to potential disappointment. It’s important to me to follow my heart and to pursue those projects that stimulate my creative juices; regardless of how others may respond to the outcome. In fact, when I worked on my first tarot project nearly 20 years ago, it was met with dubiousness from the art community and beyond. Creating art for divinatory purposes was considered esoteric and “weird” at the time (and to some, it still is). But I was unfazed and went on to create decks that helped put my work on the global map. Nowadays, many artists have boarded the “tarot train” and are happy and proud to be part of a growing phenomenon that has slowly made its way into the mainstream. I am delighted about this development and have encouraged many artists along the way. I don’t believe anyone should follow some ephemeral trend because that is as fleeting as ripples in a pond. True satisfaction comes from diving deep, taking risks and hopefully finding some unexpected treasure along the way. For me, if my offerings are met with respect, intrigue, curiosity and even controversy, then I’m one satisfied author/artist! My personal goal is to keep exploring new ideas that appeal to my sense of creative adventure, even if that means deviating from “the norm” and creating works that defy expectations.

Here are recent reviews that I enjoyed reading (click the image to visit the link):

Le Fanu’s fabulous blog offers a scholastic perspective on Ghosts & Spirits Tarot

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Another fantastic review

I’ve also been busy selling art and creating sketches and spirit drawings for people around the world — Asia, Russia, Europe, Australia, Canada etc.. I’m so thankful for the patronage and continue to put love and soul into everything I do. I am currently working with Kort (hubby and web guy) on creating an online gallery of artwork for sale. Most of my offerings are older works that I’ve finally decided to part with. I’ve been a professional artist since 1990 and can’t possibly hold on to the growing archive of originals. The paintings are reasonably priced. I think it’s important to make artwork accessible to as many as possible.

Original artwork and tarot decks that were packaged and sent to my lovely customers.


Everyone who knows me and has been to my home realizes how much I love books. While many people in my neighborhood have living rooms, I have a library. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into my world–a treasure trove of delightful reads just beyond the threshold. My books are reliable companions. Much like my old upright piano, these books don’t need electricity to be enjoyed. They are alive all on their own and at my disposal anytime. Though I’ve always collected books, lately I’ve been searching for vintage children’s books online. I have an actual antique cabinet where I house rare, vintage, fairy tale volumes, but the books I’ve been acquiring of late are picture books.

Here are a couple of my recent acquisitions. The Lonely Doll is downright heavy—a hearty book that has stood the test of time. These books are not in pristine condition, but they have an energy about them that I find downright comforting.

Part of my desire to buy relics of another era, is simply that I’m displeased with the current children’s picture book offerings. The last time I went to a bookstore, the titles looked transient and timely–lots of flash and hyperactivity screaming for attention. Gone is the golden age of fairy and folk tale escapism. They’ve been supplanted by a world competing with short attention spans. There are exceptions however, and I do discover a hidden treasure here and there. Fairy tales now occupy small shelf spaces and most of the new publications are a bowdlerized pastiche of flashy speak and silly almost predicable spins on old tales. Instead of paying a lot of money for a pile of disappointment, I’ve turned to those books that were treated as high art. Thanks to the age of online retail, most out-of-print or first editions are still available. It takes a little diligence and patience, but I like the fact that shopping for books can be as adventurous as it once was.

 ~ Lisa

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  1. Diane Wilkes says:

    I love The Lonely Doll…remember it from childhood and bought myself a bedraggled copy a while back. Another favorite was Being Nice is Lots of Fun, if you can find a copy.