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New time-lapse video!

Final Chickadee-Shapeshifter watercolor painting

It has been a while since I produced a time-lapse video and felt compelled to create one for my current project. Chickadee-Shapeshifter was a piece that was painted over a week’s time while various jazz works filled my studio with its energetic presence.  When I see and hear birds, I feel musically inspired: Their wings, their feathers their awesome eyes—all in delicate balance with the universe. When I play piano, I feel this balance between my two hands as I try to stay on tempo while acknowledging the dynamics that bring emotional appeal to a song. The birds have reawakened my passion for piano and continue to play a large role in my art life!

Here I am practicing Take Five, a song that makes me think of birds. Though imperfect (because I am a novice at this juncture) I decided to use it as audio accompanment for the Chickadee-Shapeshifter time-lapse video. This is the first time I’ve actually recorded my music with the intent of supporting one of my art videos. This helps make my video truly my own!

As many of you may know, I restarted piano lessons in 2011 and have since progressed to Jazz Theory with an eye on eventual improvisation and composition. Given that I’m only in the “first semester” out of a four semester series, I’m just getting my feet wet and am feeling both overwhelmed and exhilarated.

My first Jazz Theory book, full of incredible information that will take me a while to fully grasp.

My brain is slowly piecing together the hardcore theory that has been occupying much of my piano practice time this Summer. From my teacher’s point of view there are NO excuses for not learning and he seems honestly interested in helping me tear down the walls of resistence and fear. He has assured me that by the end of the year, the rewards of my hard work will start to reveal themselves. I heard similar words as an art student way back when, so maybe this teacher knows something I don’t. Stay tuned!

Like my approach to artwork, when playing music I try to be mindful of technical precision while expressing my creative impulses. I’m hoping the more familiar I become with piano theory and the more I practice what I learn, the more I will be able to play music like I paint; with a spirited confidence that provides a certain freedom during the process. I see a lot of parallels between learning art and learning music and am enjoying doing both these days.


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