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Ghosts & Spirits Tarot Trailer

Believe it or not, I studied Computer Animation in the 1990s. Back then, it was an adventurous pursuit for the few brave souls who dared to make it her/his major in art school. When I was 28 years old I moved to Florida and enrolled in one of the first computer animation programs in the country. Computers were so limited back then (comparatively)! What used to take days now takes mere hours, with more intuitive and user-friendly software.

Work I did as a student and as a conceptual designer in the production industry (circa 1990s)

While earning my degree, I slowly built my career as an artist/writer. Those days were an endless stream of constant creativity. I was tired and skinny, but pushed on through deadlines and project due dates. Though I was never adept at code (because frankly, it bored me), I was good at conceptualizing and using traditional art skills to help create a virtual narrative. Those intrepid, nerve-wracking times of my youth resulted in graduating at the top of my class and landing a job as a conceptual designer.

Life did change however. I returned to my roots as a traditionalist, carrying vestiges of my animating world into a more conventional studio one. These days, my involvement with computers mimicks those of the masses; with facebook, twitter, blogging and web design consuming most of my virtual time …when not painting with actual paints and brushes. Yes, I dabbled in the virtual kind of painting, but again, it bored me. I’ve always thought if you don’t love doing something, don’t do it unless you have to!

Spinning card back Ghosts & Spirits Tarot

Even though I’ve long abandoned key frames and storyboards, every so often I get the animation itch. The Ghosts & Spirits Tarot Trailer is an amalgamation of multiple passions: Art, Music and Animation. Kort, my husband, helped me with all facets of this video from camera man, to violinist, to ghost maker. We had fun, despite the limits of primitive, out-of-date technologies — though simplicity is often the charm. Even our 8-year daughter got involved and enjoyed making her singing debut as a wistful ghost.

Antique Sheet music (1936) that we used to make the trailer had belonged to my grandmother, who was an amazing pianist/vocalist. We felt her spirit in “The Ghost Room”.

The music was recorded in “The Ghost Room” (aka the library) directly onto a camera and was unedited. What you hear is in the raw and lends well to an eerie distortion suggested by the ghostly presence.

I love how this video brings together old and new, past and present, and traditional with virtual. I feel it provides a happy medium, so to speak. ;)

Enjoy the show!

~ Lisa

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4 Responses to “Ghosts & Spirits Tarot Trailer”

  1. lisahuntart says:

    Mickie, thank you dear.

    Indigene: I appreciate your kind words. It took a lot of patience to get things just so, but it was fun to make..

    Mary: Thank you so much! I hope you know that your comment means a great deal to me. I’m so glad you like the Ghosts trailer. :)

  2. What a wonderful way to experience your deck. I love seeing all the detail blown up so big. The juxtaposition of the ghostly musicians with the images was perfect.

  3. Indigene says:

    Wonderful video and once again, you’ve shown what an amazing talent you are!

  4. Oh you did a great job, what an interesting story too! Truly eerie! Ghosts and Spirits Tarot will be fantastic!