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Final Crane-Shapeshifter painting: Be still, you are crane

The finished Crane-Shapeshifter watercolor painting

I love birds and I try to absorb their good energy whenever I can. During a walk or jog, I’m inspired by their sights and sounds, quite numerous in this watery region that is checkered with canals and lakes.

Photo by Kort Kramer

If I am lucky, I will see a crane. It is an elegant creature who appears cool, calm and collected. Its graceful and confident posture evokes a sense of focus and control. I know how important it is to stay on task and avoid distractions. Sometimes life will throw things my way that can stir up the waters, but in the past few weeks pondering cranes has helped me to keep my senses sharp and my mind clear. I see the ripples in between my reflection and acknowledge the symbolic polarities that movement and stillness/turbulance and calm represent. All events have lessons to teach us. All has a reason.

Like the crane, when the waves grow choppy and the winds warn of an impending storm, I spread my wings and avoid getting flustered and tangled up in the debris and din of unquiet waters.  The crane soars in the air with all its feathers intact. With my paintbrushes, I’ve learned to do the same.

Crane-Shapeshifter in-progress

When my good friend and fellow bird enthusiast sent me the description for the Crane-Shapeshifter painting, I felt her carefully crafted words really captured the halcyon spirit that is crane.

Lesley Morrison’s COVR award-winning book (Llewellyn Publications 2011). This book is nothing short of inspiring!

“I am crane. I am a lone mentor, a lasting peace, an inner moment of awareness. If you have noticed me today, your mind is too busy. Your focus too shifty. Your spirit like a restless dream. It is the time to gather your visions and retreat, giving them time to replenish. If I move about too much my grace becomes an awkward moment. I can stand alone longer than anyone, waiting for my destiny to unfold at my feet. I never miss a ripple in the water, nor do I dwell on those that have already passed. You too must learn this, allowing your future to find you in a a perfect, still moment. Be at peace now. Allow the chaos around you to be what it needs to be without pulling you into its center. I implore you to be still. You are mindful. You are crane.” ~Lesley Morrison, author The Healing Wisdom of Birds and co-creator of Winged Enchantment Oracle.



In other Hunt-Kramerville News

School has resumed and the hustle and bustle of routine fills up the days. Both of my kids love to do art and often get creative with assignments.

When Kyra got her first book report, she saw an opportunity to get crafty with her execution. Using odds and ends, she added a 3-dimentional quality to her work. I’m always amazed at her ability to conceptualize.

Kyra’s first book report of the 2012-13 school year is on Lynne Reid Banks’ Mystery of the Cupboard.

And what do I find all over Connor’s schoolwork? Doodles. He’s the doodle king and has effectively established himself as the “class artist”. Connor’s teachers are accepting of his tendency to meander through creative interludes. In fact two teachers gushed about how talented he was when we attended curriculum night. Things have come a long way since I was in school. Doodling was frowned upon back when. I’m so glad the world has grown tolerant of doodlers!

Connor’s school doodles.


And last but not least, meet the newest member of our family, Berry the bear hamster.

Hunt-Kramerville is also known as squee-ville. :)

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