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The finished Dove-Shapeshifter painting, shorter days and autumnal skies

The finished watercolor painting, inspired by my daughter Kyra

I applied mascoid to the finished drawing (a mask that helps protect the white of the paper)
and proceeded with watercolor washes.

Close-up of me working with a fine brush

Kyra, who just got glasses, was the inspiration behind Dove Shapeshifter. She captures the dove spirit beautifully.


Quick update on Ghosts & Spirits Tarot, a deck that is receiving rave reviews by respected professionals and diehard fans (and I’ve been told is selling well too!). Thank you everyone for all of your support and well wishes regarding the publication of my latest deck. I truly appreciate your messages, e-mails and Facebook posts and shares. Knowing how much my friends and fans appreciate this deck means the world to me!  If you haven’t done so yet, please visit the Ghosts & Spirits fan page on Facebook. We’d love to see you there!

Just a reminder: I am offering signed copies of Ghosts & Spirits Tarot on my sales page. You can opt to include a drawing or watercolor sketch for a small additional charge and a few extra collectible goodies. Everything comes wrapped and is sent in a protective padded envelope.

Custom Ghosts & Spirits Tarot packages exclusively available on the Lisa Hunt Art website.

Check out: The Lisa Hunt Art Store for further details.

In other Hunt-Kramerville news












Kyra and I biking to school with Daddy, the photographer, close behind


October is bringing shorter days, cooler temps, pre-Halloween excitement and gorgeous skies. We bike Kyra to school every morning and are sometimes treated to some spectacular heavenly offerings. Walking/biking to school is not only a great way to get exercise and help oxygen flow to the brain, but it provides an opportunity to appreciate the world around us. I see so many sad faces behind the wheels of hurried vehicles. I rarely see a sad biker/walker! And yes, it’s a great way to be green and save energy. We just had National Walk to School Day and many people participated. There was laughter, energy and a collective joy that illustrated how fun it was to engage in the most basic of activities. It would be nice to see more people make walking/biking a part of a daily routine. I also think it would help alleviate stress that children experience before starting their school day.

Here are some photos Kort has taken along the way…

Sky photos by Kort Kramer

Kort’s talents as a photographer require no explanation. I’ll just let his captures do the talking.



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