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It was a good drawing week!

Working on Turkey-Shapeshifter

After what felt like a slow dance with creative malaise, I rebounded this week and cranked out two drawings. These were ideas that had been simmering in my sketch folder for a while after initial attempts failed to yield satisfactory results. I’m sure this happens to all artist from time to time. We see a vision but fail to transcribe it on paper the way our mind sees it, leading to inevitable frustration.

Turkey-Shapeshifter, symbolic of humility, sacrifice and acceptance.

In the case of Pelican and Turkey, the final drawings do in fact mimic initial sketching sessions, but I didn’t feel the necessary vitality and drive to carry the ideas through until this week. Then out of the blue, inspiration swept me off my feet and into the studio chair. I felt the surge of soulful intent seep through my pencil as I drew, allowing mind to meld with paper.

Kort posing his hands


Aside from having Kort model (as I love drawing his beautiful hands), most of the work you see here was primarily a draw-as-I-go method—my choice as an artist these days. Like Jazz improvisation, I allow the art to flow like a stream of music without the confinement of written notes. I find it interesting that my Jazz theory studies are influencing my visual outpourings. I can clearly see why artists are often musicians too!

Pelican-Shapeshifter, symbolic of devotion, selflessness and compassion

In other News:

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US Games decks


And in other Hunt-Kramerville news:

Connor used to be a clingy kid. But almost as soon as he started seventh grade, he would come home and retreat to his bedroom with either music by EELs or Boston playing behind closed doors. Connor is a sweet almost-teenager and is a conscientious straight-A high achieving student who has a reputation for being polite and affable. I was beginning to wonder what was rendering him the intense hermit he had become virtually overnight. Well, what I discovered is that my son is a bona-fide geek who loves to spend hours generating mechanical designs. Not only does he write out pages of computer programming notes (I came upon those while dusting his desk). He creates these strange algorithms and sketches that provide a window into his technical proclivities as an artist. In between, he’s teaching himself computer animation and is slowly bringing his designs to 3D life. I’m enjoying watching this evolution in his being and the interesting visions that are manifesting themselves onto paper and computer screen.

“Robot workers”


Connor’s humorous side


~ Lisa


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