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The finished Goose-Shapeshifter painting, pelican in progress and nurturing creativity in the home.

“I am the Goose, the mysterious guardian of migrations everywhere. I am the soul who travels. I am the quest within. If you are stagnating today, it may be time to seek warmer pastures. It may be the call to a journey, the same journey that marks the beginning of every great story ever told. I may inspire a road trip, or open your eyes to those wide open spaces on the other side of the fence. But whichever ways I lead you, you will never return home the same.” ~Lesley Morrison, Co-creator of Winged Enchantment Oracle (to be published by U.S. Games Systems)

The transition between October and November was not one of my more prolific periods. I felt distracted by the world and less inclined to paint. I never force art or writing—I am not someone who measures progress by deadlines but rather by moments, when energies align with the stars of inspiration. Otherwise, I would sit at my desk and swish paint around. Instead, I break, nurture my house and hobbies and square things away so I can feel unfettered when I do reengage myself in the studio.

With goose-shapeshifter, once I started painting, it was hard to stop because I feel I’m in the painting—I am the feathers, I am the sky, I am the eyes watching. It’s a total commitment of being that requires one’s full mental absorption. Once “in the zone” I alight and shed the debris of disarrangement. With each feather I detail, I feel intensely focused and indescribably free.

On the table:

Pelican-Shapeshifter in-progress. I love rendering surrounding organic elements and am deliberately picking pebble colors that mimic the bird’s feathers.

This is one of those pieces that took a while to bring to fruition.  As I sketched it out, I felt a disconnect. So I put it away until inspiration brought the drawing to life. Sometimes time is required to help ameliorate potential mental blocks. I feel art is an exercise of the senses and good art requires that we employ these senses without obstructions. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it doesn’t. I prefer to wait until it flows.

In other news:

My Animals Divine Tarot kit offer as seen here in this photo. It includes signed kit box & gorgeous companion book, shrink-wrapped deck of 78 cards, tarot bag, signed/collectible Celtic Dragon postcard, original animal pencil drawing, and greeting card.


Pre-Holiday Special:
Many of you have written me expressing interesting in Animals Divine Tarot. Sadly, after two successful print runs the publisher decided not to reprint. But luckily, I was able to replenish my own supply for one last time and am offering a limited quantity of these now collectible tarot kits at a great price. Visit my website for details and get your copy before they’re gone forever. LisaHuntArt




In other Hunt-Kramerville news:




Kort and I celebrated our 9th wedding Anniversary. Connor gave us the gift of art via a flash animation. It’s not the most romantic delivery, but it made us chuckle! Thanks Connor.


anniversary animation

Also, In our house we impress

1. Good character
2. Good manners
3. Do the best you can
4. Be the best you can be

I actually have an “achievement wall” in my house, where I hang up awards, good report cards and other little milestones along the way.

I’m happy to report that these rules are yielding good results. Recently, not only did Connor make honor roll, but he earned a certificate for having the highest grade average in Civics class. Kyra,who earns straight As was designated “Student of the Month” for her third grade class and won a Halloween speed drawing contest in school. I’m proud of my kiddos, and feel a creative life helps to nurture an academically successful one too!

And last but not least:

Halloween fun: Connor in a morph suit and Kyra monster high-ing

Timmy wanted nothing to do with all the crazyness that was late October/early November.

Timster doing what he does best!

~ Lisa

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2 Responses to “The finished Goose-Shapeshifter painting, pelican in progress and nurturing creativity in the home.”

  1. lisahuntart says:

    I love to paint older people. There is so much character in their countenances to explore. I wish more artists would focus on the wise ones more!

  2. Arwen says:

    I love the Goose. Thanks for making her older. :D What an amazing deck this will be. And the Pelican? Oh, the pelican…it’s my home state’s bird. They are really interesting creatures.