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Help to make a difference! Shop Small Saturday.

Dear friends: When you “shop small” you really do make a difference to families and their communities. Please help keep Lisa Hunt Art in the black by making a purchase at my online store. Not only does it help ensure the financial health of a little-studio-that-could, but it helps nourish the soul and even invigorates further creative output. When I make money, I in turn can spend on small businesses & organizations in my own community (and others in the virtual one). I give to the local PTA, I try to help support bird sanctuaries, I ensure that I can support my children’s extracurricular activities and make an effort to patron family-run businesses. It is the most beautiful cycle of collective support and it starts by thinking small. I hope small businesses will survive and thrive in the future years because they are the shops with soul. I can tell you for myself, it’s a way of life that’s full of love, care and discipline! Believe me, it is a lot of hard work; but it’s so worth pouring heart in soul into something you care deeply about.

Animals Divine Tarot gift sets put together with love and care.

If you order from my store on Saturday, November 24th and spend more than $40, you will get your items shipped for free (I actually go to a candy store/ post office–a family run local business) where I do all my mailing. The merchant always smiles when I walk in with a handful of orders because my sales help his bottom line too. I will also be posting original paintings at big discounts with shipping included. Please follow my Lisa Hunt Art on Facebook group page to see and perhaps purchase beautiful, original art as it is posted.  All domestic orders shipped before December 10th will arrive before Christmas.

Watercolor paintings (approx. 10″x14″): “The Dreamer” and “At the Back of the Northwind”.

To all my loyal patrons, thank you for your support along the way. I’m so grateful to you and derive joy knowing my works adorn your home somehow. I consider many of my patrons friends. To anyone who hasn’t purchased one of my offerings, it would be an honor to send you a little piece of Lisa Hunt Art, gift-wrapped with love.


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