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Flying free as a bird–the power of sketching

For the past few weeks, I’ve been flying free as a bird through the power of sketching. These gut-driven explorations help to break the mental sound barrier allowing ideas to spill over into consciousness. I dream these ideas, I feel these ideas, but I realize these ideas through the simplicity of pencil on paper.

pencil drawings from the ol' sketchbook

Pencil drawings from the ol’ sketchbook. Left is Woodpecker-Shapeshfiter and right is Eagle-Shapehsifter.

When do I sketch? I sketch all the time and everywhere, from my desk, on the kitchen counter, while I’m waiting and even in bed at night with my laptop desk. Sometimes my best sketches happen when I’m tired and vulnerable, when the restraints of conscious perfection give way to meditative meanderings.

Concept and sketch for Kingfisher-Shapeshifter.

Concept and sketch for Kingfisher-Shapeshifter.

I also work on commissions and fine arts pieces. This new direction appears to be a natural inclination as I grow older and transition from narrative pursuits to emotional outpourings. The piece below is based on a client’s keywords: Ravens & Morgana.  “Morgana’s Ravens” has been such a fun piece to work on despite the cumbersome nature of the large homasote board that I had to staple a full sheet of watercolor to.  Working large is liberating in its own way providing an exercise in demonstrative arm swoops in between tight textural details. It reminds me of life drawing sessions with a twist.

Large sheet of watercolor paper stretched and ready for drawing.

Large sheet of watercolor paper stretched and ready for drawing.

Here's Morgana's Ravens, a commissioned work. It has been a while since I've worked this large.

Here’s “Morgana’s Ravens”, a commissioned work-in-progress. I love noodling with all the organic elements.

In other Studio news:

Here's another in a series I've been doing as a fine arts set entitled Ghost Birds.

Here’s another in a series I’ve been doing as a fine arts set entitled Ghost Birds.


In between sketching and painting for Winged Enchantment Oracle, I’ve been working on a series entitled Ghost Birds. In my view, birds are ethereal creatures that have one talon in the spirit world. Their ability to fly provides a wonderful symbol for something deeply ephemeral and dream-like. Who hasn’t dreamt about flying? Who hasn’t pondered the mysteries of the bird world? Who hasn’t been awed by their seeming inexhausitble presence in the skies? Drawing Ghost Birds provides the perfect archetypal blend between conscious and unconscious thought processes.

If anyone is interested in purchasing Ghost Bird drawings as they are completed, please join the Lisa Hunt Art Group on Facebook. I regularly post originals for sale at reasonable prices. I may also expand my online gallery to include the series as the pieces are completed.

Coming Soon:

Day of the Dead as 10 of Cups from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot.

Day of the Dead as 10 of Cups from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot.

To celebrate the coming Fall season, I will be offering a fabulous Ghost and Spirits gift set. This set will include a new printed greeting card (sized for framing), an original painting made to order using key words, a signed Ghosts & Spirits Tarot deck and more. Please stay tuned and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more details and purchasing information as it becomes available.


cardback_drawingIn other Hunt-Kramerville news: Living in “weird” Florida has its perks~The interior of the Blue Anchor Pub in Delray Beach.

The interior of the Blue Anchor British Pub in Delray Beach.

We couldn’t take any trips or vacations this year, so we enjoyed a staycation by visiting local tourist destinations (fairly easy to do when residing in Florida). One of our expeditions included a trip to the Blue Anchor British Pub in downtown Delray Beach. This ghostly venue is included in the book Strange but True Florida by Lynne L. Hall. Believe it or not, the exterior of the pub was shipped from England and along with it, its 150 year history including patronage from two of Jack the Ripper’s victims. Our server told us that it’s a hot spot for ghost hunters. The place was dark and heavy with a strange vaporous presence. Being inside was worlds away from the swaying palm trees and seaside ambiance right down the street. But it was captivating with its book-lined walls, wooded beams and eccentric 19th century decor. The authentic menu offerings added to the old world charm.



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