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Enjoy your messes while you can!

A neighbor of mine  recently became an empty nester. She told me now that her children are grown and gone, her house is in perfect order: neat, clean and quiet. Before I could tell her how happy I was for her (because my own house is hopelessly disorganized and loud with kids, cats, and creativity), her eyes welled up. “Enjoy your messes,” she uttered warmly. “It’s life. Enjoy it while you have it because one day you are going to miss it all.”

Her palpable sadness gave me pause. True, my life is full of messes. But I suppose the domestic dishevelment is symptomatic of great joy and creativity. It’s bubbly and energetic and full of delicious ambition! Every day is filled with purpose and hopes that I accomplish my to-dos and go to bed feeling satisfied. It never really happens. Instead, I fall into bed exhausted, weary and often feeling guilty for not doing more. But now I have to rethink what that really means. I am middle-aged, in the midst of a messy life and it’s actually pretty wonderful! I am thankful to my wise neighbor for reminding me what’s truly important–live in the moment and remember that nothing lasts forever. There will be plenty of time to be neat and organized later if I’m blessed with longevity. But maybe not. Maybe the creative complexities will be with me until my last breath. Deep down inside, I hope so.

My chaotic days are peppered with spontaneous activities such as posing hands for painting reference.

photographic reference for Morgana's Ravens. Hand movement was particularly important for this painting.

I think hand movements/positions are  particularly important for conveying emotion.

Or working on a customer order, in this case I spent many days working on a commissioned piece entitled “Morgana’s Ravens”.

Watercolor painting-in-progress

Watercolor painting-in-progress

Morgana's Ravens

Morgana’s Ravens: Finished!

Or working on several different drawings for Winged Enchantment Oracle, with an impending deadline hovering over the last few pieces.

...more bird-shapeshfiter drawings for the Winged Enchantment Oracle

…more bird-shapeshifter drawings on the watercolor boards.

Then there is my online business, something I have loved building slowly over time. But nevertheless, it requires that I keep focused on art and not on housework.

New Fall offers. Setting these product shots up was fun but time-consuming.


If that isn’t enough there is the garden, where I try to exercise my inner (outside) zen. I also play piano, a respite into temporary calm.

Our front walkway

Our front walkway.  The rocks that line the pathway are meant to induce calmness and order as one approaches/leaves our lively home.


And then there are the kids, cats, birds and endless messes. The animals are sanguine, a reflection of the otherwise peaceable kingdom that populates this busy life.

Studio moments with Kyra's new kitty Izzy.

Studio moments with Kyra’s new kitty Izzy and our budgie “Newbirdy”. Izzy has already inspired a few drawings.

Connor is a minecraft geek with his penchant for design. He's also learning computer programming in hopes he can pursue an engineering/design track in the future.

Connor is a Minecraft geek with his penchant for design. He’s also learning computer programming in hopes he can pursue an engineering/design track in the future. I asked him to make a quick sketch for my blog and this is what he came up with.

Wishing everyone copious creativity and happy messes!

~ Lisa






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