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Finished Kingfisher-Shapeshifter, works-in-progress, and colorful inspiration

The finished Kingfisher-Shapeshifter watercolor painting.

The finished Kingfisher-Shapeshifter watercolor painting.

Here’s the finished Kingfisher-Shapeshifter watercolor painting. I actually started painting this piece while I was sick—and kind of dragged my feet in the process. But I found comfort in the soothing waters I was rendering with paintbrush. The act of painting served as a form of healing visualization. It helped bring my body and mind into balance, just like the elements of this piece. Art has been a reliant therapy on so many levels for me. It helps keep my engines tuned-up.

Kingfisher-Shapeshifter painting-in-progress.

Kingfisher-Shapeshifter painting-in-progress. I tried to keep the whites of the paper free of paint to emphasize the bird’s plunge into the water.


I like to work with natural light when possible. I also like to work with a mug of coffee by my side.

I like to work with natural light when possible. I also like to work with a mug of coffee by my side. 

After a few sluggish days while contending with burning throat and lungs, one morning I felt better and went full-steam ahead with the remainder of the painting. My forced respite resulted in an exuberant use of color and a renewed appreciation for that morning cup of coffee that I could finally smell and taste again.


Meanwhile, there are more  works on the watercolor boards as I approach the last 10 bird-shapeshifters on my list. I was hoping to complete this project by now, but these paintings are big compared to previous card deck efforts and therefore command meticulous attention to detail. I believe these are some of the best pieces I have ever done in my life, but at the same time, it has made for a protracted 3 years since signing the contract with US Games. Hopefully I can get them completed for inclusion in 2014 INATS (International  New Age Trade Show), but the jury is still out. I don’t want to rush to the finish line. These paintings are too important to me to let them fly out of the studio prematurely.

More works in progress: Starling-Shapeshifter and Eagle-Shapeshifter. Each at different stages.

More works-in-progress: Starling-Shapeshifter and Eagle-Shapeshifter. Each at different stages.


In other Studio News: I got prezzies!

Look at the bountiful table of presents I recently received from old friends!

Look at the bountiful table of presents I recently received from old friends!

A shout out to old friends and fellow creatives. I love seeing my friends succeed! It’s just a great feeling to share the joy with people we care about, especially when they realize their dreams by turning their passions into something tangible!

Gift from Sharon Wood, Storyteller extraordinaire

The second package was sent by an old friend and colleague from my library employment days up in Claremont, New Hampshire. Twenty five years have passed since I mentored under Sharon, who was a children’s book librarian, (at least I saw her as a mentor). Sharon knew her books and navigated storytime with confident precision. She helped me to unshed my debilitating shyness and provided me with opportunities to workshop with children. Those were important lessons that I carried with me in the ensuing years as an art teacher. Time passed and I left the Northeast. I became a professional artist and Sharon went on to become a professional storyteller. What a delight it was to receive CDs of her storytelling work along with some gorgeous, thoughtful picture frames for me to put on my piano, another source of passion. I will never forget Sharon and her great love of books and the arts.

Gift from Michael A. Giza, Renaissance man

The third package came from a childhood friend. We were in “Honors Art” classes together in high school and used to pass doodles back in forth in literature class. I was always in admiration of his versatility and talent. Not only was he an amazing visual artist but he was a musician and singer as well. In fact, he was all-state for Connecticut and all-eastern choir for the northeast. I considered him one of my closest friends as we faced the daily perils of our intrepid nerdy or whatever we were teenage years together. Mike was also a math guy and went on to successfully utilize his logical brain by day while returning to his passion for art by night, so to speak. Mike sent me some of the results of his creative labors that he now sells at events including a book entitled Jaguar Night 2014 Mayan-Aztec Calendar that he illustrated.  For those of you, who for one reason or another abandoned former dreams but yearn to return to art, Mike’s blog is inspiring: Finding Art Again: The Creative Explorations of Michael A. Giza.


In other Hunt-Kramerville News:

pathway to side yard/ fruit tree garden.

pathway to side yard/ fruit tree garden.

Kort and I share a passion for gardening and fall season is a wonderful time to get out and rejuvenate fallow beds. I joke with my friends that I do house yoga while cleaning and get my cross-fitness on while gardening. This is absolutely the truth. There is no workout more satisfying to me than one that results in a beautified environment. Here is a collage of photos Kort took of our current flowers-in-bloom. I figured, while I’m talking about the talented people in my life, I wanted to include Kort’s gorgeous photography work as well. Our garden and Kort’s captures are part of inspiring a creative life!

Photos Kort took of our garden flowers.

Photos Kort took of our garden flowers.

...more gorgeous photos taken by Kort.

…more gorgeous photos taken by Kort.

~ Lisa


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