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The finished Ostrich-Shapeshifter: From challenge to triumph.


The finished Ostrich-Shapeshifter

Ostrich was one of the birds I relegated to the end of the list. I was intimidated by the prospect of drawing such a gargantuan avian creature—the largest bird in the Winged Enchantment series. Eventually I began doodling around in my sketchbook with the idea that I wanted this piece to properly reflect a “grounding of spirit to earth” (reference: Lesley Morrison). I didn’t want to stick its head in the sand. I wanted to render those large, beautiful, intelligent eyes. I wanted the Ostrich-Shapeshifter to be fully aware of that space between conscious awareness and the ethereal pastures of the spirit. I didn’t want it to hide.  So I sketched…

rough sketches from sketchbook

rough sketches from sketchbook–this kind of sketching helps to unleash the creative energy

and sketched…

More sketches

More sketches

and sketched…until I felt I captured what my creative bones were seeking. It was something luminous, energetic, poised, and confident. It’s my hope that this shapeshifter will inspire you to release your own beautiful energy into the universal firmament without losing your footing, your strong sense of self and your place on this earthly plane.

Finished Ostrich-Shapeshifter pencil drawing

Finished Ostrich-Shapeshifter pencil drawing

I feel a good painting is one that resists formulaic application. Instead, I like to mix sound technique with a sense of adventure. I never know exactly how the paint will flow. I allow intuition to be my guide. Thankfully, despite initial trepidation when approaching Ostrich-Shapeshifter (I really thought this was going to turn out awful at first), creative inspiration finally came to me with the spirit of the Ostrich assisting me through the process. The more I worked on it, the more it shined forth.

painting in progress from initial paint washes to detailed drybrushing

painting in progress from initial paint washes to detailed dry brushing

 Fairy-Tale-Corners  In other Hunt-Kramerville news:

It didn’t take long for our newly adopted kitty “Noony” (aka Izzy) to acclimate to her new home. She is a fixture in the studio and has made friends with everyone in the house (including bird and hamster). Not only is she a constant companion, but she is a sweet feline who exhibits many dog-like traits, including licking faces, following us everywhere we go, lying on her back, and even barking. Yes, her *meows* are often cute little yaps. It’s one of those things — we can’t imagine life without her now.

Life with "Noony". She seems to feed on all the creative energy in our household.

Life with “Noony”.  She’s pure sunshine and is best friends with “Newbirdy”

~ Lisa

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