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The Fairy Tale Tarot is finished: smooth sailing through the production process and “blogging without obligation”

| May 12, 2009

I recently read a refreshing blog entry by the luminous Lunaea Weatherstone. In her latest post, she had embraced the philosophy “Blogging Without Obligation”. This instantly resonated with me because I think as time goes on, too many blogs are becoming regimented forums that are void of true spontaneous inspiration. My favorite artist/writer blogs tend to be ones that reflect inspiring moments that transcend routine…

Rumpelstiltskin: Getting Through “Life Stuff” One Straw At A Time

| March 21, 2009

Sometimes the day-to-day “life stuff” has a way of piling up on us. Just when you think you may have things under control, something may get unexpectedly tossed your way, throwing you off balance…

You get what you give~letting go of the ego and elevating others

| February 15, 2009

The Lovers card conjures all manner of emotions for me. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the immediate intimations of romantic love, rather, I see it as a joining of forces; a card exemplifying strong desires, passion, choices, harmonious relationships and the symbiotic exchanges that help feed collective efforts for a fruitful outcome. I truly feel that if you want to feel and be loved, you have to love and give to others.

Reconnecting with my wild horse spirit: Lessons learned in a Taekwondo dojo from white belt mind to black belt confidence

| December 7, 2008

After a somewhat sedentary existence following the birth of my daughter, I was cajoled by my son Connor’s Taekwondo Master to take a non-obligatory trial class. Here I was, a chubby post partum mom staring impending middle age in the face and I was being coerced into a situation that I was less than enthusiastic about…