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This is the online Journal of author, artist and tarot creator Lisa Hunt. The Ghosts & Spirits Tarot is her current focus and reflects her own intuitive connection with the spirit world. Through her provocative art, Lisa examines ghosts and spirits in their many incarnations. This blog offers a glimpse into the world and psyche of an artist searching for that which is just beyond the veil of understanding, and into an ethereal realm of mystery. Lisa's The Fairy Tale Tarot is available now and is the most recent of her published decks.
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January 2018
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Winged Enchantment work-in-progress, Victoria’s Adventure and what the kids are doing.

Posted By on July 1, 2013

I’ve been taking my time on the paintings for Winged Enchantment Oracle.


In fact the Winged Enchantment series is more like a fine artist’s dream than a rushed illustrator’s pile of worries. After what seems like a lifetime of one endless deadline, I am finally realizing the pure joy of doing art without thinking much beyond a day in the life with my paintbrush. I so wish I had adopted that sentiment in my youth, but then again—paintings took much longer back then and of course I had to “prove” myself as a newbie on the scene. I was green, scared and worried that I would somehow fail during the process. I’ve long since abandoned those fears and am grateful for these bountiful sessions of creative celebration. I’m not less productive than I used to be, I’m just more happily aware of how lucky I am to be able to paint my visions and to share them with the world.

Here my blue birdy named "Newburdy" loves to watch me paint. In fact, she winks at me from her  lamp perch and often chirps if I'm away from the studio to long.

“Newburdy” loves to watch me paint. In fact, she winks at me from her perch and often chirps if I’m away from the studio too long. She provides me with inspiration and keeps me on my toes!


Raven-Shapeshifter and Blackbird-Shapeshifter are both stapled on watercolor boards and ready to be painted.

Raven-Shapeshifter and Blackbird-Shapeshifter are both stapled on watercolor boards and ready to be painted.


In other studio news:

Part of living a more joyful life is by recognizing how gratifying it is to be able to give back to the world. I have been going through my archives and have retrieved paintings I did early in my career. One piece I came across I did over 20 years ago as a “starving artist” living in the chilly mountains of Northern New England. While building an art portfolio, I worked at the local library where I met my friend Sharon Wood. Sharon was a bibliophile and talented storyteller. She had a beautiful daughter named Victoria who posed for a variety of illustration jobs.  But there was one painting entitled “Victoria’s Adventure” I did for my portfolio. Unfettered by art direction and specs, it was an early “pure joy” piece. After taking it out of a dark drawer where it had been sleeping for a few decades, I sent it to my old friend Sharon, still living in the town where my art life began. Sharon saw and remembered my humble beginnings and I wanted her to have this portrait of her daughter as a little girl.

Victoria is all grown up now—a married CPA living in West Seattle. Imagine my surprise when Sharon sent me a photo of Victoria posing with a now framed painting. It is hard to articulate what I felt, but it was something wise and lovely!


In other Hunt-Kramerville news:


Kyra wanted to redo her room, so she did and learned a lot about painting and decorating in the process.

Kyra wanted to redo her room, so she did and learned a lot about painting and decorating in the process.


Connor's mind is often on "Minecraft" (computer game), but he has helped paint, he has been studying math as he has shown a strong interest in engineering and he is a now a teenager.

Connor’s mind is often on “Minecraft” (computer game), but he has helped with honey-do jobs, he has been studying math (as he has shown a strong interest in engineering) and he has become a full-blown super nice teenager who is much taller than I am now.


Dealing with the Chaos Monster

Posted By on May 30, 2013

Rough sketches from my sketchbook. Here is a good way to deal with the chaos monster.

Rough sketches from my sketchbook. Here is a good way to deal with the chaos monster.


I pride myself on consistency, efficiency and productivity, but April and May turned out to be a long dance with the “Chaos Monster“. Not all chaos is negative. Sometimes we need that kind of whirling energy to get things done! At other times it adds to life’s challenges and calls for one to prioritize and sacrifice the illusion of perfection.

Entropy can lead to explosive creativity. I needed to write and draw to clean off the brain …and that is what I did. This is the positive side of the Chaos Monster’s presence. With disorder comes creative order , a restorative exercise and something akin to balance.

Taming the beast with pencil and paper. Illustration sketches for book idea.

Taming the beast with pencil and paper. Spontaneous sketches for book idea.

But the Chaos Monster also ate our car. Our beloved 2002 VW Passat’s engine was damaged after flash floods engulfed it. It was a reminder that we live in a place where towns are built on sand, and canals are more prevalent than roadways. Our mini-van also suffered from the heavy flooding.

When I chose to live in a South Florida, I made a mental agreement with the weather spirits. It’s understood that anything can happen anytime in a place famous for its hurricanes. I’ve lived through my share already. This notion has fatalistic overtones, but it also serves as a reminder: ‘Live the moment and observe the volatile beauty with awe, because nothing ever stays the same’. We live in a place where we feel “unfettered and alive” — where a continuous supply of inspiration is fed by the very elements that can also instill fear and sadness. I’m at peace with the Chaos Monster in all its forms because it’s a life force that keeps us fully engaged and aware of our surroundings.

Sketching and photographing birds on the beach.

Sketching and photographing birds on the beach.

Left, frequent heron visitor in our backyard. Right, Kyra enjoying beach time.

Left, frequent heron visitor in our backyard. Right, Kyra enjoying beach time.


In other studio news:
About.com Reader's Choice Tarot Winner

*Ghosts and Spirits Tarot is going into a second printing (yeay!)



*Ghosts and Spirits Tarot is being developed into an app by the fabulous folks at the Fool’s Dog, a company that offers an impressive list of tarot apps.




*Fantastical Creatures Tarot is now in a second printing!

*Winged Enchantment Oracle is almost finished with an estimated Fall 2013 completion date. A new, updated slide show is coming soon!

*Lisa Hunt Art is going strong. I have been happily creating custom order packages for my customers all Spring long. I find the soulful task of creating artwork from my house to be displayed in yours, my lovely fans and friends, to be a joyful experience. I’ve added a few more deck package offers and my pencils are always ready to create something special for you.


Feel free to check out my specials at my Lisa Hunt Art online store and please don’t hesitate to e-mail me with questions.

Here's a photo of some of my special packages.

Here’s a photo of some of recent special packages


The Finished Peacock-Shapeshifter — A Reflection On An Inner World (Also: Take a peak at Kyra’s glam rock robot)

Posted By on April 24, 2013

Peacock-Shapeshifter by Lisa Hunt

Finished Peacock-Shapeshifter painting. This piece took many layers of paint and many hours of paint strokes.

“The peacock as a totem shares the wisdom of self-esteem. This is not to be confused with ego pride, but rather the recognition of self-worth as a divine being. Peacock summons you to “walk the talk” and share your gifts and inner beauty with the world in a peaceful and joyful way.” ~ Lesley Morrison, author The Healing Wisdom of Birds.

What’s going on in my brain? I haven’t quite figured that out. Certainly not any mathematical algorithms or left brain wizardry — my computer engineering older brother took all those genes for himself (and I remain the adoring sister for his genius). But I do know this: I see and feel lots of vibrant colors, sometimes fragmented like a kaleidscope and sometimes as still as reflections in water. While painting Peacock-Shapeshifter,  the intensity of the vision almost felt as though I was in the middle of a Theremin performance. I know, it is hard to explain, but the energetic frequency felt cosmic somehow. This compelled me to paint more and more, upping the saturation and value patterns along the way. Most of my art is usually more muted, but this piece dove deep into space and found itself dancing with solar flares. It was a powerful experience and I am glad I let myself explore these frontiers.

I documented the watercolor painting progress so you can see how the layering of transparent watercolors works. I used maskoid halfway through to help preserve some lighter areas. For those who are unfamiliar, maskoid creates a protective shield between paper and pigment and it comes in useful when painting big areas. Once I completed the watery washes and allowed the surface to completely dry, I removed the maskoid (it’s like peeling rubber cement off paper) and proceeded with detailed dry brushing (less water, more pigment). That’s when the painting started to glow!

art progression Peacock-Shapeshifter

art progression Peacock-Shapeshifter
art progression Peacock-Shapeshifter

In other studio news:

March and April were busy months for orders. This seems to happen every year and this springtime has been no exception.  I’m still taking orders for large colored pencil drawings as well as for more decks and doodles. I’ve some copies left of the Fantastical Creatures Premier Kit Edition with poster and drawing, but once they are gone, they will be gone forever. U.S. Games has decided to publish deck-only versions from now on. If you want a real bargain, I’m selling the OOP Animals Divine Tarot + a drawing for only $24.00 + S&H (the price will be going up in May due to increased shipping costs). Everything gets signed and dated and comes with a certificate of authenticity. :)

An eclectic mix of orders that included tarot decks and sketches, custom drawings and original watercolor paintings.

An eclectic mix of orders that included tarot decks and sketches, custom drawings and original watercolor paintings.

colored pencil drawing

I’m  offering large (11×14) full color drawings for my wonderful fans. Using graphite and colored pencils on high quality watercolor paper, I create each drawing using keywords provided by the recipient. This has been a lovely way to help the recipent make it a personalized work. I enjoy making that connection possible!

If you would like to commission a full color drawing, visit my Custom Colored Pencil Drawings page. I love creating these one-of-a-kind drawings in between my bird-shapeshifter painting. One project fuels another and I thank you for inspiring me!

I’m also grateful to have won the recent About.com contest for Best Tarot Deck, 2013! Everyone at U.S. Games has always been very supportive of me  and my work. Their recent News item was no exception:

Ghosts and Spirits Tarot banner

U.S. Games Systems is very pleased to announce that Ghosts and Spirits Tarot has been declared the winner in the Reader’s Choice, About.com annual competition. The deck is a standout because of its unique artwork by Lisa Hunt, who also created Fantastical Creatures Tarot. Lisa has an impressive international following. Ghosts and Spirits Tarot was nominated and chosen by About.com voters. This popular tarot deck was also named by Aeclectic Tarot as one of the Top Ten Tarot Decks published in 2012.”

Thank you U.S. Games!

Fairy-Tale-CornersIn other Hunt-Kramerville news:

Kyra is busy prepping for her piano recital. She has been taking lessons for almost 4 years now, and the smoothness that comes with stronger fingers and a more mature temperment are starting to show in her playing. Unfortunately, she is getting her braces on the day before the recital. We’re hoping they don’t interfere with her performance.

She has also been busy being a good little pupil having made “Superstar Student” at her school . The recognition is based on good character, good behavior and good scholastic performance, so we’re especially proud of her discernble achievement.

Superstar Student

Typo alert: Kramer does not have two m’s, but this is not an unusual mistake. Kyra took it in stride. I think it bothers her more when people spell her first name wrong.

…and she built a robot made out of recyclables for a class project. She did it all by herself with no help from Mama and Papa. In typical Kyra fashion, she added purple paint and cool shades to complete the look. :)

Kyra's glam-rock robot.

Kyra’s glam rock robot.


~ Lisa

The finished Duck-Shapeshifter, a messy palette and good news for Ghosts & Spirits Tarot.

Posted By on March 27, 2013

The finished watercolor Duck-Shapshifter Painting

The finished watercolor Duck-Shapshifter Painting

The Duck-Shapeshifter is reflective and quiet. It was painted with lachrymose intent enhanced by expressive faces hidden in the elements. I know for myself, stressful situations can actually help fuel the art-making process. It starts when emotions well up inside and provide a zestful energy that is vital for soulful creative output. I think for me, art has been an unwavering friend that helps me keep things in perspective. If something bad happens or if I feel dismayed for whatever reasons, my trusty palette and paintbrushes flood my being with a sense of awareness—and those pulsating vibes are sublimated into art. That art is a visual bi-product of feeling alive, feeling compassion and being in touch with something greater than myself.

“I am Duck – the complexity of emotion, and one of the masters of the undercurrents. I am the healing of the heart. I am the uprising of inner motivations. You need to be aware of what drives you. What feelings are pushing you forward? Which ones are drowning your progress? As a creature of water, I can navigate the waves, but I have learned when to dive deeper and when to gently skim the surface. This is what I can show you. You are in my pools today to equalize. Let yourself balance the rush of subconscious flow with the peace of equilibrium. Allow the experience of emotional catharsis, but do not forget the necessity of flight from its heavy entanglements. If I am your guide, I urge you to feel your responses, but don’t be overwhelmed. You are an intuitive being. You are an emotional being. You are Duck.”
~ Lesley Morrison, Author The Healing Wisdom of Birds and Winged Enchantment Oracle.

Here are some photos that my husband Kort and I took while exploring the waters of Central Florida. These canals are teeming with life energy and provided me with wonderful inspiration when approaching Duck-Shapeshifter.

Photos take during a boat ride through Central Florida canals.

Photos taken during a boat ride through Central Florida canals. Alligators and turtles often warm themselves on the embankments: All co-existing and all in perfect harmony.

Here’s a peak at my watercolor palette after completing a painting.

Looking at it, I took pause and realized the palette serves as a wonderful metaphor: The colors remain vibrant despite endless mixing and scumbling. The messes remind me that we are alive and the bleeding colors are mere symbols of life as an adventure full of risks and triumphs. A clean palette is boring, unused, and clinical. A messy one is exuberance and a life being well lived!

This is what my palette looks like after I finish a painting.

This is what my palette looks like after I finish a painting.


In other studio news:

Guess what?  I WON!

About.com Reader's Choice Tarot Winner

Thank you to all my friends and fans who came out in support of the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot in the About.com Reader’s Choice contest. I heard from many of you from all over the world, and the resounding enthusiasm for the deck’s nomination was overwhelming. I was so happy and surprised to learn that your votes helped solidify a decisive win. Thank you everyone for making Ghosts & Spirits Tarot the 2013 About.com Reader’s Choice of the Year for Best Tarot Deck! This certificate will hang in my studio and will serve as a reminder of all the good will and care the Tarot Community and beyond has shown me throughout the years. I feel the love!



In other Hunt-Kramerville News:

The kids are on Spring Break visiting relatives. This has provided me with some much needed quiet time to organize and recharge before the resumption of kid energy plentitudeness. With that said, both of my children are intense artists and spend much of their time in their rooms working on all kinds of creative projects. Connor has mastered Flash Animation and is teaching himself Adobe InDesign. He loves to toy around with key frames and tweens to create humorous clips. He also keeps a journal of his industrial designs and inventions. As awesome as I think his sketches are, he refuses to let me post them online because they are TOP SECRET. ;’)

Connor doing what he loves to do best: animation

Connor doing what he loves to do best: animation

Kyra does art everyday. She is much more versatile than I have ever been, and is creative with all manner of arts and crafts. She’ll be spending break learning how to knit, something I never got the hang of. But she is determined to add another skill to her already brimming bucket of art talents.

Kyra participating in "Tile Night" at her school. All tiles will be permanent fixtures at her school.

Kyra participating in “Tile Night” at her school. All tiles will be permanent fixtures at her school.

Summer Queen from The Fairy Tale Tarot.

Summer Queen from The Fairy Tale Tarot.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Spring!


The finished Seagull-Shapeshifter, a nomination and other Hunt-Kramerville news.

Posted By on March 8, 2013

The finished Seagull-Shapeshifter watercolor painting. This one required lots of patience and loads of channeled energy.

The finished Seagull-Shapeshifter watercolor painting. This one required lots of patience and loads of channeled energy.

No two days are ever the same in my humble studio. Nothing is really planned except a cup of coffee. Sometimes I work on art orders for lisahuntart.com, other days I work on my blog or mingle with my online buddies. But if I get sucked into a total art-focused groove that pretty much takes over the brain, overshadowing all else until I express what needs to be expressed.

I think a lot of artists are familiar with the art zone–when peripheral distractions melt away from the desk and all that the senses see and feel is the artwork at hand. Seagull-Shapeshifter was one of those groove pieces—I felt the energy, the cadence and the flowing vividity that literally turned up the volume and made for an almost hypnotic experience. While working on this piece, I felt compelled to listen to glam rock, with T-Rex being center stage. I’m not sure why, but that was the spirit of the moment—a dazzling display with light and color performing its ritualistic dance on the paper. I felt the water, the glitter, the translucent elements; all flowing together as the seagulls became one with the environment. Isn’t this the way of seagulls? They seem to appear out of nowhere sometimes, darting in and out, above and below and all around—organized and beautiful. Isn’t that what this piece is all about?

“They (seagulls) are thus symbolic of great versatility and freedom, and remind us to go with the natural flow of life. Seagull is the rebel–unique and odd and proud of it, the patron of those inventors who are trying to find new, ingenious, and unexpected ways to do things”. ~ Lesley Morrison, author The Healing Wisdom of Birds.

To be an artist, you have to be a sort of rebel. The inner rebel, an aspect of the animus, energizes and pushes us forward. It helps us not to be afraid.

Here is a progression of the painting. I felt “stuck” at first until I decided to let out the  ponytail—then all was set in motion!

You can see that I changed the hair before proceeding with the paint. That was the beginning of the painting groove.

You can see that I changed the hair before proceeding with the paint. That was the beginning of the painting groove.

It became clear that in order to not inhibit the painting flow, I had to employ my old trusty friend Mr. Mascoid. I put the mascoid on the seagulls and pulled out my big wash brushes. As I neared completion, I removed the mask and detailed the seagulls at the end.

Painting progression before the removal of the mascoid.

Painting progression before the removal of the mascoid.


In other studio happenings:

I'm honored and grateful to have been nominated!

I’m honored and grateful to have been nominated!

I was pleasantly surprised (actually stunned!) to find out that Ghosts & Spirits Tarot had been nominated for a 2013 About.com Readers’ Choice Award for Holistic Healing in the “Best Tarot Deck” catagory. If you have been inspired by my deck, you can vote now until March 19th. There is also a Q & A about me including questions like:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

Find out the answer on the about.com site:

Ghosts & Spirits Tarot deck exclusive interview at about.com

Thank you dear friends for your continued support of my art and writings!

In other Hunt-Kramerville news:




Kyra continues to thrive in school. We are convinced that reading lots of fairy tales since she was a baby provided a good prescription for future success. Not only is she a budding artist and piano player but she is also a straight A student in an intensive gifted program.  Yes she studies, but her main occupation is books, and lots of them. She reads in every corner and space and is often reading quietly in her room by the hour (good for us work-at-home moms). Books are still the best thing going and my daughter’s ongoing academic achievements provide proof of bookworm rewards.

Kyra's recent Art Reflections placement and Honor Roll certificate.

Kyra’s recent Art Reflections placement and Honor Roll certificate.

But with that said, this award has us baffled!

Reality check!

Reality check!



Winged Enchantment update, new Shapeshifter Tarot release and gardening in Florida.

Posted By on February 15, 2013

Finished pencil drawing for Peacock-Shapeshifter.

Finished pencil drawing for Peacock-Shapeshifter.

Winged Enchantment Oracle update: 23 paintings done, 15 more to go! It’s hard to believe that I signed a contract for Winged Enchantment nearly three years ago. It’s harder still to believe that my first deck Shapeshifter Tarot was published fifteen years ago. Needless to say, I’ve grown from a young, intrepid artist eager to conquer the world into a thoughtful, reflective artist who finally understands the truth behind the adage: Patience is a virtue. Though I’m mellowing with age and have learned to appreciate every single day and all the treasures that are hidden within the ordinary, I haven’t exhausted my desire to draw, paint, write and learn.

But my journey has shifted from always looking for something ahead rather than deriving joy from the steps right in front of me. Maybe my need for bifocals is symbolic of how my internal being sees the world now. There is the wonderful here and now, up close and personal– and there is the ever-distant cold horizon. There is no reaching a grand golden staircase that will lead one to forever self-glory and lasting satisfaction. The goals are visible in the very steps in front of me, clear as day. They are visible in front of everyone. But it takes  patience to recognize the value of the immediate path and how sacred every step we take really is.

Left: Kuan Yin as Star in Animals Divine Tarot. Right:  Peacock of Karttikeya as Knight of Swords in Fantastical Creatures Tarot.

Left: Kuan Yin as The Star in Animals Divine Tarot. Right: Peacock of Karttikeya as Knight of Swords in Fantastical Creatures Tarot.

The glorious peacock appears all over the world mythological map and has entranced humanity with it’s gorgeous display and “past life connections”. In Lesley Morrison’s wonderful book The Healing Wisdom of Birds, she refers to the peacock as possessing self-esteem rather than ego pride. There is a huge difference and many human beings make the mistake of assuming an overinflated ego is a display of self assurance. Instead: “Peacock summons you to walk your talk and share your gifts and inner beauty with the world in a peaceful and joyful way.” ***

The arrival of the decks and the display of the first order made by Lisa P.

The arrival of the decks and the display of the first order including “Raven-Shapeshifter” pencil drawing for Lisa P.

To help commemorate the deck-only release of the classic Shapeshifter Tarot, I am offering a Limited Edition 2013 Shapeshifter Tarot kit for only $48.00.  The kit includes a signed deck and booklet, an original 8.5 x 11 pencil animal shapeshifter drawing with an animal of your choosing, and a high-quality 4×6 print/card of the perennial favorite, The Sorceress. I’m limiting the offer to 25 orders. I think the production quality of the deck is wonderful and am delighted a more affordable format is now available for anyone who is interested in Celtic Shamanism and animal energies. Thank you to all of my friends and fans who have supported Shapeshifter Tarot for the past 15 years. It is much appreciated! You can also purchase the deck direcly from Amazon. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

In between working on bird shapeshifter paintings and preparing orders for my wonderful customers, I’m finishing up work on my friend Arwen Lynch’s project, Fairy Tale Spreads. Here’s another Fairy Tale Spirit drawing: A depiction of The Ugly Duckling.

The Ugly Duckling drawing exemplifying "learning to accept ourselves for ourselves".

The Ugly Duckling drawing exemplifying “learning to accept ourselves for ourselves”.

In other Hunt-Kramerville news




Here are some captures of our winter-in-Florida garden. The balmy days of February have provided an endless harvest of lettuce and tomatoes. Kyra loves “the fairy garden” and enjoys making the daily rounds to make sure all is well in this organic land of magic.

lettuce, brussle sprouts, herbs and potted seeds for the next cycle of plantings

lettuce, brussel sprouts, herbs and potted seeds for the next cycle of plantings.


Kyra picking tomatoes.

Kyra picking tomatoes.

Seagull-Shapeshifter, Fairy Tale Spreads and our humble, creative life.

Posted By on February 1, 2013

Finished Seagull Shapeshifter: A mix of pre-planning and improvised design.

Finished Seagull-Shapeshifter: A mix of pre-planning and improvised design.

Photo reference and sketches.

Photo reference and sketches.

Seagull-Shapeshifter was inspired by the birds in my backyard.

After sending everyone off to school/work, I like to open up my day with a cup of coffee and a porch chair. Those precious few minutes between me and the open sky provide the necessary clarity to mentally jot down my to-do list. It’s like my own opening bell–a ringing in of the new day with prospects of industriousness.

But on some mornings, the mental warm-up is disrupted by the birds, who descend to the edges of the lake and provide me with ample inspiration. I snapped a bunch of photos of my avian visitors, sketched them and even mimicked their movements. Those 10 minutes of bird-watching supplanted the previous to-do list and replaced it with an intense session of drawing. The result is Seagull-Shapeshifter.

As I’ve noted in previous posts, my working style has evolved tremendously over time. I used to fuss over sketches and the drawings that served as tracings for final pieces. These days, tracing paper is used infrequently and when it is, the final drawing is more expansive and complicted than the template would suggest. For Seagull-Shapeshifter, I kept seeing bird-like shapes in the blank areas of the paper. Instead of fighting what wasn’t there, I took my pencil and allowed them to live and breathe in those negative spaces.

Seagull-Shapeshifter: The initial tracing and finished pencil drawing on watercolor paper.

Seagull-Shapeshifter: The initial tracing and finished pencil drawing on watercolor paper.

It was sort of an Esher-esque moment–when one bird connected to another bird and another except, it was not planned, methodical or uniform. What resulted was the merging of bird and waves/air and water. The Seagull-Shapeshifter suggests mastery over the environment—a syntheses of energies. Planning for this to happen in artwork is not possible for me. I had to let go and flow with the impulses. The more I lose myself in the rawness of the art-making process, the more acute and apparent these energies are becoming …and I like what’s happening.

In other project news: The ever-joyful Stephanie Arwen Lynch commissioned me to create four Fairy Tale spirit drawings for her upcoming Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads eBook. Here are some sketches and finished pieces.

Fairy Tale Spirit Drawing for Arwen's upcoming e-book(sketch & finished drawing)

Fairy Tale Spirit Drawing for Arwen’s upcoming e-book
(sketch & finished drawing)

"Four Dragons" Sketches from my sketchbook.

“Four Dragons” Sketches from my sketchbook.

Finished Four Dragons pencil drawing.

Finished Four Dragons pencil drawing.


In other Hunt-Kramerville news:

Fairy-Tale-CornersI’ve always surrounded my children with books including fairy tales, folktales, mythologies, and fables. In fact, nearly every room in my house has a bookshelf. I also have art supplies at every turn, so if inspiration strikes someone, the ideas can be transcribed immediately. I’ve never taught my kids to draw, aside from the occasional critique. They learned by observation, by looking at illustrated books, and by embracing the concept of imagination. Not only does art and music provide a window to endless possibilities, but I think these pursuits help sharpen the brain and provide intellectual confidence.

Kyra loves to read and paint fairy tales.

Kyra loves to read and paint fairy tales. Left is a watercolor of a mermaid. Right is Kyra’s interpretation of the Princess and the Pea.

I attribute all that fairy tale and folktale reading to Kyra's high SRI scores.

I attribute Kyra’s high SRI scores to all of that fairy tale and folktale reading.

A few of Connor's many "bot" creations.

A few of  Connor’s many “bot” creations. His perspective skills astonish us.

But in between work, school and other intense activities, we do take time out to have fun and celebrate special moments together. Happy Birthday Kort!

Happy Birthday Kort/Daddy!

Happy Birthday Kort/Daddy!

~ Lisa

Happy New Year! ATA logo design, fixing this old house and getting organized for 2013

Posted By on January 9, 2013


A few months ago, the American Tarot Association approached me with an awesome assignment: Design a new logo that would encapsulate the idea of “community”.  For me, the concept of community engenders simple beauty, connectivity and the capacity to feel compassion in the face of challenges and elation in the glow of another’s achievement. It’s about caring, giving and seeing ourselves as part of a whole, where each one of us has the capacity to make a difference. The tarot community is populated by some amazing people, a few who have become good friends and others who have inspired me in countless ways. Much of who I am and who I have become can be traced back to my connection with this fabulous, insightful and endlessly engaging community. Thank you to the President of the ATA, Stephanie Arwen Lynch, and the ATA board for choosing me to develop your new logo; and thank you members and tarot friends for helping me to truly understand how important the tarot community is.

Initial rough thumbnail sketches.

Initial thumbnail rough sketches

Developing the logo entailed doodling, brainstorming and fully exhausting any potential ideas. My initial sketches served as a springboard to help identify and define what the client is trying to communicate. After seeing the first batch of drawings, the consensus was: encompass the many and not just the one.

Second batch of sketches for review.

Second batch of sketches for review

Armed with more concrete thoughts and ideas, I started to crank out sketches that were emblematic of people unified and mutually supportive. I focused on a people chain as a means of capturing a sense of collective support and unity.

More refined drawings awaiting final approval.

More refined drawings presented for final approval

The ATA board pondered the various designs and zeroed in on  #1 and #4. They liked the lantern as a beacon and loved the suggestion of an infinite chain of people.

The pencil before transfer and the final watercolor painting.

The pencil before transfer and the final watercolor painting.

After the approval of the design, I tackled the final art. I traced my logo design, enlarged it, and transfered it onto watercolor paper. I was pleasantly surprised that Arwen wanted me to indulge in my signature watercolor style instead of generating art digitally. After finishing the watercolor art, I handed it over to Kort (hubby and graphic designer) to scan it in, clean up the file, and construct the text layout and style. This logo didn’t happen in a vacuum – it took a community including the ATA board, my husband and myself to bring it to fruition. :)

The Final Logo

The final logo

Oh, and here is my 8 year old daughter’s contribution. She was intrigued by my logo endeavors and wanted in on the action:

Kyra's first experience designing a logo. She loves people and tarot, so these designs came naturally to her.

Kyra’s first experience designing a logo. She loves people and tarot, so these designs came naturally to her. I think she’s the one who gave me the idea to include a star in the design!

In other Hunt-Kramerville news:
What does “vacation time” mean for the Hunt-Kramerville home? Home improvement projects on our 20 year old house! While the kids were away visiting grandparents, we took out the tools and went to work. This included upgrading the bathrooms with new fixtures, plumbing and grouting along all the seams.  Kort and I cranked up John Coltrane and Miles Davis CDs and went to work. We had fun using our magical wands of labor to transform moldy old into shiny new!


bathroom and tiles

Bathroom refurbishments and mosaic tile work. I always have all my ducks in a row before commencing a project (note rubber duckies above the toilet).

Years ago my father taught me how to tile. Given that I grew up under a canopy of constant house construction, I was bound to retain some knowledge about these practical skills. I’m so glad I did. We had a few broken tiles that required a creative solution (given we didn’t have replacement tiles). I’m particularly proud of this artful mosaic approach to our front stoop. It gives the entrance some much needed panache!  ;’)

I also love organizing shelves. Maybe it’s because I worked in a bookstore and library early on, or maybe it’s because I see display as an artform. I’m also inspired by memories of the little New England bookshops and the accompanying cozy corners that made book browsing an unforgettable experience. I suspect most indies I perused are long gone, having been blown into the winds of obsolescence. But that doesn’t mean I can’t recapture their spirit in my own home!

I have a parental philosophy: Make books and writing/drawing instruments part of the decor. It instills a sense of value for the arts that I hope will leave a lasting impression on my childrens' lives. So far, so good!

I have a parental philosophy: Make books and writing/drawing instruments part of an inviting decor. My hope is that the kids will then recognize their instrinsic value. So far, so good!
Left: Kyra’s bookshelves in bedroom       Right: table in our library


I love decorating shelves and letting them tell a story. These are in Kyra's bedroom.

I love decorating shelves and letting them tell a story. These are in Kyra’s bedroom.

Kort and I worked hard fixing, revamping and organizing. We pride ourselves for being resourceful do-it-yourselfers. But we did take one day out to indulge in our passion for kayaking. Life can’t be all work and no play!

Kort and I kayaking in Jupiter Pointe, Florida.

Kort and I kayaking at Jupiter Pointe, Florida.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year!

~ Lisa


Back from a break, new art, review and what the kids are doin’.

Posted By on December 21, 2012

Me, Kyra and Kort after Kyra’s piano recital

For the first time since I started my blog 5 years ago, I took a month off from posting. I didn’t stop painting, I didn’t stop filling lisahuntart orders, I didn’t stop playing piano and I certainly didn’t stop being mom, family woman and friend. But I did have to prioritize and make sure that what I did have time for I did it well.

Some of the recent holiday orders that I just sent out.

Kort recently blurted out, “You are so patient with the children”.  I was touched by his words because  I didn’t consciously recognize this facet of my demeanor.  A good deal of my time and energy is invested in hearth, home and the people who occupy it. This was not necessarily true a decade ago, but I’m mellowing with age and am finding great value in those things that require the most patience.  I am spending less time in the studio these days, but am getting just as much accomplished as I did in my frenetic 20s and 30s.

A rose in bloom. One of many in my garden. (photo by Kort Kramer)

I recently planted rose bushes, something I’ve refrained from in the past because of all the nurturing they require. Well, they’ve been blooming non-stop for over a month, a reflection of the meticulous care I’m taking with everything I do.

This includes nurturing my desire to paint big watercolors (approx. 16 x 20) with lots of detail. After all of my years as the busy illustrator, I’m now the patient painter. I’m taking my time, squeezing paint out of tubes with care and pausing between applications. I’m letting feelings completely dominate my muse and am utilizing years of painting experience to help bring those feelings into tangible expression, a phrase that I love to use.

The final Turkey-Shapeshifter Watercolor painting

The final Turkey-Shapeshifter Watercolor painting

My favorite blogs/websites are those that obviously take a lot of thought, time, research and creativity. Don’t get me wrong, short and sweet blog posts have their place in a world saturated with distractions, but for myself I love blogs that remove me from media befuddlement and help me to pause and ruminate. With that said, I try to emulate that which I admire.  For me, I treat my blog like a sacred canvas, where ideas and poignant observations foment into a world of inspiration. I like to think that all the busy life stuff in between is part of this virtual painting, feeding a stream of understanding, compassion, patience and artistry. If all those things aren’t in their proper place, then the blog would fall flat and stale. In other words, if I’m not feeling it, I won’t blog.


Speaking of wonderful websites , Magickal Buffet just posted the List of Favorite Things 2012. I’m happy to report that Ghosts and Spirits Tarot is among the picks! Here’s an excerpt of what the editor wrote:

“I am fortunate enough to see plenty of tarot decks.  I reviewed many this year and they were all so amazing, but there was one that spoke to me.  I can’t fully explain, and maybe there are some tarot readers out there who can say this experience has happened to them, but this tarot deck just filled me with such awe and wonder it made want to work with it, right then, right that moment.  It’s the “Ghosts & Spirits Tarot” by Lisa Hunt.” Rebecca Elson is founder, publisher, and primary writer for the website The Magical Buffet

That’s a wonderful way to finish out a chock-full year of creative reverie. I humbly thank you, Rebecca!

In other Hunt-Kramerville news:








Kyra's holiday project for school and Kyra singing as a member of Unicorn Sound.

Kyra’s holiday project for school and as a choir member of Unicorn Sound.

Kyra, who loves piano playing, singing and art-making had a busy month of performance and projects.  To finish up the 2012 year, Kyra had to do a report on Songkran, the Buddhist New Year celebrated primarily in Thailand. She had a great time capturing the panoply of colors and illustrating water play as part of the Songkran tradition. She also sang holiday music at a local mall with her school “choir” Unicorn Sound (Yes, I love that name!).  I love watching Kyra work and play because it’s a learning experience for me as well; and I truly feel how precious that is.

Here Kyra is at her Lynn University December 2012 piano recital

Connor worked hard prepping for end-of-term final exams, but he did break to work on his animations in between. He also placed 3rd with in the PTA Reflections art contest with a drawing he did in art class. He had entered at the insistence of his art teacher, not because we told him how good it was. ;) More of Connor art to come soon!

~Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday filled with love and light!

The Star from The Fairy Tale Tarot


~ Lisa

Help to make a difference! Shop Small Saturday.

Posted By on November 21, 2012

Dear friends: When you “shop small” you really do make a difference to families and their communities. Please help keep Lisa Hunt Art in the black by making a purchase at my online store. Not only does it help ensure the financial health of a little-studio-that-could, but it helps nourish the soul and even invigorates further creative output. When I make money, I in turn can spend on small businesses & organizations in my own community (and others in the virtual one). I give to the local PTA, I try to help support bird sanctuaries, I ensure that I can support my children’s extracurricular activities and make an effort to patron family-run businesses. It is the most beautiful cycle of collective support and it starts by thinking small. I hope small businesses will survive and thrive in the future years because they are the shops with soul. I can tell you for myself, it’s a way of life that’s full of love, care and discipline! Believe me, it is a lot of hard work; but it’s so worth pouring heart in soul into something you care deeply about.

Animals Divine Tarot gift sets put together with love and care.

If you order from my store on Saturday, November 24th and spend more than $40, you will get your items shipped for free (I actually go to a candy store/ post office–a family run local business) where I do all my mailing. The merchant always smiles when I walk in with a handful of orders because my sales help his bottom line too. I will also be posting original paintings at big discounts with shipping included. Please follow my Lisa Hunt Art on Facebook group page to see and perhaps purchase beautiful, original art as it is posted.  All domestic orders shipped before December 10th will arrive before Christmas.

Watercolor paintings (approx. 10″x14″): “The Dreamer” and “At the Back of the Northwind”.

To all my loyal patrons, thank you for your support along the way. I’m so grateful to you and derive joy knowing my works adorn your home somehow. I consider many of my patrons friends. To anyone who hasn’t purchased one of my offerings, it would be an honor to send you a little piece of Lisa Hunt Art, gift-wrapped with love.