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Birthday blog day! The last three drawings of a three year project.

| January 13, 2014

Today I turn age 47. What was I doing 20 years ago? I was working on my very first deck project, the Shapeshifter Tarot. Since then I’ve navigated through many creative oceans and have squeezed through many tubes of paint. I’m not as idealistic, but I’m wiser. I’m not as indefatigable, but I’m fluent and efficient…

Heron-Shapeshifter: “How long does it take to paint a picture?”

| July 15, 2011

One of the most common questions I get as a professional watercolorist is: “How long does it take you to paint a picture?”. That’s a fair question though not an easy one to answer. It depends on a variety of factors including: subject matter, the amount of detail, how a painting flows along and even the level of distraction one may have to reconcile when one is working in one’s home. I can say this for sure: I’m a much more efficient and confident painter now than I was 20 years ago…

The intrepid artistic fool I am: My journey through tarot and a decade of artistic exploration.

| June 21, 2009

In 1994, I was asked to create sample art for my first deck, Shapeshifter Tarot. Back then, I was the intrepid newbie 20-something year old artist, full of dreams and fresh from recent children’s book publication, book and magazine work and a few oddities in between. I was open to anything and a tarot deck sounded like just the thing needed to satiate my longterm ambitious artistic palette and unwavering interest in myths, legends and tarot cards…