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The finished Blackbird-Shapeshifter & Snapshots of the Studio

| August 6, 2013

I am blackbird, the enchantress of the soul. I am melodious and hypnotic, and lure the curious heart toward the hidden worlds. I will silence the mind and allow spirit to creep into awareness. I break through the boundaries, cracking whatever separates you from eternity…

It was a good drawing week!

| October 18, 2012

After what felt like a slow dance with creative malaise, I rebounded this week and cranked out two drawings. These were ideas that had been simmering in my sketch folder for a while after initial attempts failed to yield satisfactory results.

Into the deep, dark wood: Forest symbolism and fairy tales

| February 26, 2010

Lions, tigers and bears oh my! The mysterious forest is full of unknowns and teeming with mysterious life. As a symbol of the unconscious, it is a place inhabited by wild things, often obscured by the shadows of tree branches and layered with the remnants of seasons gone by. . .

Cinderella-like Stories ~ and a school assignment that helped capture my son’s imagination.

| May 24, 2009

Last week my eight-year-old son came home from school with a captivating homework assignment: re-tell and illustrate a variant of Cinderella (as part of a comparative studies unit). They were learning about Cinderella stories from around the world and were required to conceptualize their own interpretations of this timeless theme…

The Little Mermaid: The Silent Observer

| March 26, 2009

Last week, I lost my voice—not my artistic one, but the one that emanates from my throat. I caught a cold virus (hoping my old enemy Mr. Bronchitis does not return) that rendered me temporarily speechless…

Being the Fool and all the tricksters along the way…

| March 1, 2009

I am the fool and frankly I make no apologies for it. Despite having earned my black belt in TKD, I have retained a white-belt mind—and a white-belt mind is a humble one that realizes anything can happen. I approach my life and day with an innocence that is both creative and compromising…

You get what you give~letting go of the ego and elevating others

| February 15, 2009

The Lovers card conjures all manner of emotions for me. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the immediate intimations of romantic love, rather, I see it as a joining of forces; a card exemplifying strong desires, passion, choices, harmonious relationships and the symbiotic exchanges that help feed collective efforts for a fruitful outcome. I truly feel that if you want to feel and be loved, you have to love and give to others.

Prince of Cups (Traditional: Page of Cups): Animal messengers, frog kisses and recognizing sacred time.

| January 25, 2009

Animal bride stories are plentiful in fairy tale collections and appear several times in my own Fairy Tale Tarot. I don’t know exactly why, but I’m drawn to the idea of animals testing humans to see if their hearts are truly in the right place.