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Videos and Media

Here are some of Lisa's videos, and more.



Interview image

"Welcome to the Women in Fantasy Illustration interview series. I am interviewing a selection of women whose work have made an impact in the Fantasy Illustration Industry.

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a great interview with renown tarot and fairy tale illustrator Lisa Hunt. Lisa Hunt is a veteran of fantasy illustration, she’s also a traditional artist who renders her beautiful work in watercolors. I remember fawning over Lisa’s work before I learned to draw myself so I was very excited to have this opportunity to interview her and share it with you." ~ Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Click here to read the interview

Art Time-Lapse  
    Ghosts & Spirits Tarot Trailer Featuring the Hunt-Kramerville Ghost Trio
from Winged Enchanment Oracle
  Battlefield Ghosts Drawing
from Ghosts & Spirits Tarot
  Battlefield Ghosts Painting
from Ghosts & Spirits Tarot
  Psychopomp Watercolor Painting
from Ghosts & Spirits Tarot
Time-Lapse 1
  Jacob Marley Painting
from Ghosts & Spirits Tarot
Time-Lapse 2

Soul Drawings by Lisa

Product Trailers    
  The Fairy Tale Tarot-Major Arcana (drawings and paintings)
  ZBudapest review of Fairy Tale
  Tarot Oracle, Fairy Tale Tarot review

Fairy Tale Tarot interview on
Walking the Path
(with Dawn and Laura)

Playing Music    
  Practicing Take Five by Paul Desmond (Dave Brubeck Quartet 1959) 2012
  The Man I Love, played at Cafe Italia 2012
  Lisa Hunt practicing Five Finger Boogie by Winifred Atwell 2011
  Canadian Sleigh Ride
Kyra'a first recital with Lisa playing the accompanyment 2010


Martial Arts    
  Belt Test, Tae Kwon Do


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